2016-010-30doh Thirty Days of Haiga ~ Day 10: Summer Mist



slipping away
summer colors
in the mist

As a side note: I write my haiku beneath the haiga as well only because I know on some devices the image itself may be small, making the haiku difficult to read.

Haiga is haiku placed within an image as a balanced component of the composition.

The prompt for 2016-010-30doh [for Sept. 10]

10- 2016-010-30doh [for Sept. 10]
Northern Hemisphere: mountains or fog/mist
Southern Hemisphere:  mountains or fog/mist

Today’s haiga Link Box is for September 10:

The next three days of prompts:

11- 2016-011-30doh [for Sept. 11]   
Northern Hemisphere: grandmother, grandfather or grandparents
Southern Hemisphere:  grandmother, grandfather or grandparents

12- 2016-012-30doh [for Sept. 12]   
Northern Hemisphere: cave paintings or painting or painting tools
Southern Hemisphere:  cave paintings or painting or painting tools

13- 2016-013-30doh [for Sept. 13]   
Northern Hemisphere: found in a kitchen
Southern Hemisphere:  found in a kitchen

You are invited to play as often as possible. The introduction and more information has been posted on the first day of September in a previous post Here.

Thank you for your patience and playing in 30 Days of Haiga—aloha, rick

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