A Haiku Chaining Game.

  1. Everyone is welcome to play – you do not have to be signed into WP or be a member to play.

  2. In a comment write a ku of your own that uses the word left beneath the previous ku that’s the chain.

  3. Leave a new word beneath your ku for the next person to use in their own ku – that’s the chain too.

  4. Play as often as you would like to play.

A sample would be like this:

The word or previous word: branch

water branches
the kitchen window
in this storm


butterfly wings
dipped in mustard
this summer day


The next person would then use the word shine in their haiku.  So go ahead and play.

for all haiku/writings in this game, the writer of each haiku is considered to be the Copyright Owner for their own haiku and writing.  it’s just the way of our time.  please addressed use permission requests to the individual writer of each haiku.

June 25, 2010

A list of those who have played:

  1. Steve – heednotsteve – @ Heed Not Steve – June 2010

  2. Melissa – MLA – @ Red Dragonfly – June 2010

  3. Margaret – @ Haiku-doodle – November 2010

  4. Abigail – @ A Haiku Each Day – November 2010

182 thoughts on “ku-me

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  2. dance (from Melissa)

    a New Year’s Eve dance
    with rain tonight


    thanks @ Margaret on the header/banner – i have fun doing those

    to all – thanks for playing ku-me. i have a lot of fun with it. i hope you’ll give Ku On This a try too. the posts will be in the main blog altho there is some info under the Ku On This page of the top menu.

    • liberty

      burnt marshmallows
      breathless campfire laughter
      the sound of liberty


      yes. i agree. you did Steve. bwahahaha – i’m glad you feel at ease enough to do so here. imo, if the writer can make a connection to the word – that’s enough of a connection for me. cool.

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