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Info Updates:

  • 2-11-13 Ku On This (KOT) prompts are now appearing in the main blog on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week for 2013.
  • 1-3-13 – New Ku On This prompts begin with the intention of one per week for the year.
  • 12-2012 – Try out Ku On This prompts for 2013
  • 2-11-11
  • 1-28-11

Began: December 2010

about Ku On This

Simply put, I’ll place some thing in each Ku On This post – about once a week – and you (we) respond with haiku or in other ways.  Plop down a quick haiku in raw haiku* form or take your time and refine.  Play as often as you’d like to play.  It’s for fun, a way to practice the way we want to become and an alternative to dull pencils on bits of wet napkin…

You are invited to Haiku (or Comment, Caption, Title, Ask, Draw, Paint or respond in any way you’d like to explore) in response to any of the Ku On This blog entries.  Would you like to try a Short Story? give 55 Word Short Stories a try if you havn’t ever tried them – also known as Nanofiction – yeah, it all works and it’s all fun.

How it works: A word, haiku, image, theme or what ever I think might be interesting to try will be posted for each Ku On This blog entry.   Use your first thoughts to create an original haiku etc. or take your time to respond with your refined work – either way is fine.  The idea being to create new work rather than to find past work that fits the Ku On This post.

Things and idea possibilities that might be explored with Ku On This, in no particular order:

  • a drawing/painting/photo as inspiration/idea

  • a  single word, group of words or phrase as inspiration or response material

  • 16 haiku in the comment of one Ku On This, may lead to a shell game

  • a ku to respond to with a ku

  • using the last line of a previous ku or a given ku, as the first line of your ku

  • use a given found first line to begin the haiku – alternate: find your own found  first line and reference your source

  • have an idea for Ku On This – ??? let me know.


*Thoughts on Raw Haiku:

Raw Haiku to my thinking is usually a relatively quick think and a playful way to haiku, toying with and catching your initial thoughts and ideas.  That’s it, Raw Haiku – or Raw Ku – our initial words and play as it comes out when we plop words down just as they arrive, adjust a bit if necessary and then let the ku go – or stand – as it is.

Words that quickly pop into our skull have great potential for haiku. Sometimes great haiku happen in those initial words.   A quick toying with this initial idea will sometimes generate an interesting word combination or connections.  As a pattern of writing haiku this can be advantageous because it often retains the immediate impact of our experience or the beautiful flavor of our language.

With raw ku we remain close to our initial experience when writing, retaining the initial connection/experience (even if in memory) with our own words and language use – closer to the way we speak for instance.  Of course, refining and editing is okay, however it can be fun to go with your quick-refine ability occasionally and let the ku be as it comes out in that initial sensing moment of experience in you.  Simply play and let it be as it is – that’s one of the ways to have fun as I see it – Raw Ku.

Raw ku as finished haiku is exciting.  Of course it’s your ku and you can refine any time, any where – even if you let it pop and plop initially. Ku On This is a good place to play with Raw Haiku.

December 2010
Aloha – Wrick (Rick)

33 thoughts on “Ku On This

  1. Hi Rick, Thanks for visiting my site and following. I am totally new to Haiku and am getting quite hooked on it to go with photographs (using the photos as the inspiration). I am quickly discovering there is more to this form than I knew. I hope to join your ku on this in 2014 if you continue to do it. Hoping to learn and improve.

    • aloha Irene. you are quick to understand that haiku has a lot more to it than brevity.

      it’s also way fun (imo). yes, photos can be an inspiration. particularly if you write from the moment you are in (or the moment the photo is in perhaps). that way you’ll be on the track to good haiku (also imo).

      if you are interested in exploring current haiku thinking here is a great site to start on:


      this is Jane Reichhold’s site. she has great insight into haiku (imo and many other’s opinion too). in the left sidebar explore under “Haiku”. pick a few things and try them. go back for more every so often, that is a suggestion. and of course read a lot of haiku—especially really good haiku.

      there are many other sites that explore haiku thinking. they all have something to offer.

      at this point i do not know if i will attempt Ku On This in 2014 or not or it may be once a month if i do. there are however many haiku challenges and calls that you can play and explore in.

      i also respond to the Ku-Me drop down menus. it’s a fun place to just splat down what ever we come up with and then leave a word for the next person to haiku around. you can take as much time as you want of course. you can play one a day or one a week or 10 a day. what ever works for you. i’ll find what you respond to even if i dont get to it for a day or two. and i’ll haiku back.

      to learn and improve, i encourage you to write and read haiku. and then explore the “haiku thinking” of others. it’s a very diverse field right now (imo). most of all (also imo) have fun. aloha.

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  4. Thanks for following my blog. I like your page so I’m signing up to follow you. Even if you don’t post prompts I like this essay and may try some of these ideas to further my writing–I think I may try the nanofiction–I am working more on trying to improve fiction skills (plotting eludes me!) Happy writing!

    • aloha Cathy. cool on working on our writing. i like that.

      this page is a one page item which is sometimes handy for people to refer to in some cases.

      i’m not sure how you happened to land here?? but that may be the way something is set up—i suppose by me (unknowingly) or by WP.

      click on the header image or where it says “A 19 Planets Art Blog 2010/2013” above the header and you will be taken to my blog posts—the daily posts or sometimes 3-4 times weekly posts. from there you can scroll down until you get to the last Ku On This Prompt posted last Tuesday/Wednesday (of 2013).

      right now, in February i am (also) playing in NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month). those prompts are posted on Facebook daily. it’s an every day writing prompt around haiku. i’m taking it a step further because i tend to be very visual and i’m doing my response as etegami-like works.

      the Ku On This prompts:

      i am also doing a post a week prompt which i’ve called Ku On This. i’m posting that prompt once a week on Tuesday or Wednesday for 2013. my goal is to do it for the year. it’s a visual prompt. you are not required to write haiku (which is my focus) – you can respond in anyway that appeals to you. the idea is really to explore our writing in ways we might not come to in our own thinking patterns.

      there is a Mister Linky button at the bottom of each Ku On This post where you can link your response from your blog (if you’d like to do so)—and go to other blogs and see the response of others who are playing as well. most are haiku but some have asked about other ways to respond and i hope they will do that too.

      funny that you mention the nanofiction genre. i’ve been very focused on haiku for a while now and have not been doing much along that nanofiction line recently. yet today, i did. a 55 Word Short Story (a genre i like a lot). i’m not sure when i’ll post it. or if i will. but it’s there and if i get the chance to do a visual with it, it will probably show up sometime. . . . . maybe not till after february but i never know.

      fun on writing. welcome – aloha.

      • Thanks Rick. I appreciate the response as I was trying to figure out where to find the prompts. I have seen the NaHaiWriMo prompts (I’m on there on FB) but haven’t done any of theirs because I’m doing the daily prompt on Carpe Diem and some others. Will check out your prompts, too. Once a week I may be able to do. About the mystery–whenever someone “likes” one of my posts, WP sends me an email, and it shows me a few links to their work (they say “check it out, you might like their work, too”) I usually check it out. One of the links was to that page. And I’m always working on my writing either in connection with looking for work (I’m freelancing) or my own writing. I even write a second blog “Yay! Pigeons” Cheers!

        • oh. ah, yes. i know that email page. i get a few of those too. mostly i follow through my reader (altho i do not get around nearly as often as i’d like to, to see all the great blogs there are).

          yes, i’ve seen those suggested links on that email page (sometimes that’s the only way to get to someone’s blog i’ve found in some cases).

          in my case those must be selected by WP as i havnt indicated (that i know of) any that i would like placed in those spots.

          i’m wondering now if WP may choose posts (or pages) based on the person that email is going to. . . . i’m sure they have the ability to see what our interests are. your’s being writing may have brought up that page as one you might be interested in. amazing. the net and technology is an amazing thing.

          as a freelancer and writer if you dont know the blog, you might be interested in Roxie’s Blog. it’s under the Haiku. Writing & Related section in my sidebar blogroll.

          yeah, there are a lot of prompts on the net now. which is very cool. so no problem if you get caught up in others. go for fun (imo) aloha.

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    • aloha and cool Hannah. yeah, i started Ku On This and did it for about 6 months in 2010-2011 i think it was. not so many people were playing with prompts at that time so i let it go.

      i decided to give it another try now because several people asked if i would be doing it again. more people are finding it worthwhile to play with prompts as well so i thought i’d set a goal of carrying it out for the year and see how it goes.

      thank you for asking about it and what day i’d be posting the prompt on. i may try to commit to that Tuesday/Wednesday timing. i’ll see how it goes for January for now.

      cool on joining in when ever you have time and the prompt calls out to you. i like when that happens. fun. aloha.

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    • aloha Corkscrewboo – this page is an information page for an interactive exchange with others who write haiku (or “ku” – which is the semi-new acceptable version of the word haiku). i did this for a while, but there are a lot of other “prompt” and challenge venues for this sort of post and response writing – so i havnt been doing this so much recently.

      this page is simply an info page on that process – a prompt to write ku by – to explain what i was doing when i’d once a week post something for others to write haiku in response to… calling it Ku On This.

      if you click on my “Home” tab or the title of my blog you’ll be taken to my main blog – which is where i post about my art or things which in some way usually relate to my art and art work and what i’m doing in that area – including haiku – and haiga. haiga is the combining of haiku with an image in one work.

      thanks for asking. aloha.

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