Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Slicing The Afternoon

©2017 lawnchair light 2 sml 6x


in the afternoon
white tea time



Color Fragile

blues drift. from a neighborhood window. second floor. window. another neighbor. raking leaves. the soft. fiber beat. against unseen, unknown. bird strong voiced. beat. counter. to the blues. all afternoon. a third neighbor. in the water right of way? or maybe his yard. the lyrics: “like strawberry wine. like strawberry wine.” and a lawn mower.

learning to paint
the songwriter sounds


2017 Haiga Header Sampling













wind chimes
through the house



Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Autumn Depth

©2017 autumn depth 1 sml 6x


i set aside watercolors
evening cricket



Full Circle Dampness

how quickly. the changing afternoon. sunlight. disappears. over white. yard blossoms. thunderclouds roll. Kona winds—reversing. the wind direction. leaf scuttle. in front. of the autumn storm. i slip into the studio. pushing paint. tilting paper. watching the sheen. of drying color. fascinated. forgetting the rain. and the open window. above my bed.

machine wash
tumble dry on low
before i sleep

Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: The Flavor Of Autumn

©2017 darkening sky 1 sml 6x


softly the light
through back windows



Turning The Season

bow and coo. bow and coo. a rock dove. the pair. waddle. in line. across yard grass. hop a low. red brick wall. toward deeper. foliage. purple and green. a moment later. silently. padding the same track. white cat. a sharp edge. chilling. the light breeze. band of rain. band of sunlight. branches bow. leaves flicker. clattering. my day. into. damp. red leaf. autumn.

i turn off my fan
autumn rain

Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Boxed Autumn Fall

©2017 leaf tower 1 sml 6x


brown leaves
on my bedroom stand


10-8-2017 #3

Autumn Concert

first fall. of autumn leaves. shush. shush. rhythmically. beneath a mango tree. the neighbor raking. against dove chortle. and wind susurration. rising. and lowering. softly. through branches. still holding leaves. crimson. flashing. in my thought. red handle. scarlet leaves. with each shush. shush. i sit. eyes closed. yellowed. in broken sunlight. beneath the avocado tree. listening. to the concert continuum. mingling. natural. and human made. sound.

an autumn yard nap
earlier songs

Haiga & Haibun: Sweet Potato Autumn

©2017 sweet potato yellow 2 sml 6x


broken color
dry autumn leaves
under my foot


10-5-2017 #3

Late and Early ~ The Cadmiums

night wind. lulling and flowing. banana fronds. and star fruit leaves. outside my window. a hush. seeping between the jalousie glass. i remember the word. look up the spelling. it’s 4:28 AM. i wonder where sleep is. while i write. even the whir of a bathroom fan. present. and the cloud-covered-moon night.

sweet potato
the yellow leaf memory
near my studio door

Haiga 2017-031-oct: Yellow Leaf Days

©2017 yellow leaf days 1 sml 6x


all day
my childhood

That the haiga may be seen and read as intended, all in one image, I no longer post the haiku separately beneath the haiga, in addition to being within the work. However I will from time to time offer an additional, or alternative haiku beneath the work.

My current intention is to post prompts for an Extended 30 Days of Haiga (e30doh): about once a week. In that same week I hope to post other things as well.