Haiga: Life Maps

©2016 life map 1 sml 6x


a map to the layers of life
interlocking memories


©2016 entry and exit 1 sml 6x

Wordless Wednesday (Image) and One Line Haiku: The Nature of Lightness

©2016 glass light 1 sml 6x


the shattering bounce of morning light silence

okay. my version of Wordless Wednesday. the image is wordless. mostly.


©2016 fluted light 1 sml 6x

Haiga: My Palette Tonight

©2016 flower moon palette 2 sml 6x


flower moon
expanding my palette
tonight vermillion


©2016 fountain palette 1sml 6x

Haiga: Awakening Fog

©2016 face fog 2 sml 6x


out of the morning fog
a familiar face


©2016 half blossom 1 sml 6x

Haiga: Hawai’i Windowsill

©2016 windowsill spring 1 sml 6x


the end of a spring shower
I damp off the windowsill


©2016 claim 1 sml 6x

Haiga: Practical Moon

©2016 practical moon 1 sml 6x


the moon 
too far away to reach 
in practical ways


©2016 leap 1 sml 6x

Haiga: Pond Flurry

©2016 pond flurry 2 sml 6x


in the pond haze
dragonfly wings


©2016 purple 1 sml 6x


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