Haiga: Color Bits—A Red Flower Back Gecko

©2016 red flower studio gecko 1 sml 6x


the every day little bits
about color




©2016 color bits butterfly 1 sml 6x

Wordless Wednesday July 20, 2016: Intermission

Haiga: Floating to Summer

©2016 surface feather 1 sml 6x


floating to the surface
the surfer’s board




©2016 surface mosquito 1 sml 6x

Haiga: Lazily Frazzled & Hedgerow Publication

©2016 frazzled sky 1 sml 6x


into the frazzled sky
island summer



I am delighted to note that a submitted haiga has been included in the #86 issue of an online journal of small poems publication; Hedgerow—which can be viewed here.




©2016 frazzled blossom 1 sml 6x

Haiga: Backyard

©2016 backyard wallpaper 1 sml 6x


the edge
of my backyard




©2016 ladybug 1 sml 6x

Wordless Wednesday July 13, 2016: Along the Road

Haiga: Candle Cake Fingers

©2016 candle cake fingers 2 sml 6x


on a candle cake day



©2016 candle cake icing 1 sml 6x


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