002 – ku-me – 6-26-10

summer fan

this whirring sound

of the planet


  • to play in the chain, use the word left after the previous haiku (the ku at the top of the comment list – or the last ku in one of the comment chains) in  your own ku.
  • after your ku leave another word for the next writer.
  • have fun.

for all haiku/writings in this game, the writer of each haiku is considered to be the Copyright Owner for their own haiku and writing.  it’s just the way of our time.  please addressed use permission requests to the individual writer of each haiku.

25 thoughts on “002 – ku-me – 6-26-10

    • aloha and fun Domica. if you’d like to start a new chain or play in a new chain please do. i’m glad you enjoyed reading. this is just a fun way to work our minds and see what we come up with. i’ll use your last word “chain” and see where that goes, and leave you a word if you want to play (or of course anyone else can play as well). no obligation to play of course. more important (imo) is to have fun:


      each thread
      holds the web in place
      spider chain


      fun on. aloha.

      • Can I do five seven five?

        pink and flirty girl
        tutu bobs from left to right
        dancing up magic


        oooo, this is gonna be fun Rick:)

        • bwahahaha. cool. fun is good. and of course 575 is okay. my understanding is that current haiku thinking includes 575 but recognizes that it is not mandatory. as we are just doing this for fun and exploration (imo) explore any way you wish. what you write is of course completely yours as well.


          summer fool
          on the front seat of my car
          i leave a chocolate bar


          • How did I miss the ribbon? geez… I was really tired I guess. I coulda sworn I put a ribbon in there!!!!????

            Okay, I’m with you now.


            sun and the sundial;
            one ages me, the other measures
            exactly how much


            • ha. yeah, no worries, I’ve done that same thing. that’s one of the reasons I began placing the chain word above the ku I was working on. still, there are ways to “use” the chain word which do not require the actual word to be in the ku. a player I played with some time ago did this a lot and was excellent at it. I struggled with it. still when I’d read their ku the essence of the chain word was there. I could see the “ribbon” in your ku right at the edge of your words. cool on that and fun too.


              numbers fall apart
              counting summer clouds
              my universal proof


              • I’m still sitting her in front of this blasted computer, Rick. I’ll shut her down as soon as I do this… maybe… I can do this all day:)


                A wasp controls my
                porch buzzing ’round at random
                watch out for the web


                • yeah, I’ve been known to do this all day. . . . however it’s 5:30 AM—so I’m hoping to sleep soon. ha. the thing is this is fun and in addition to that I think it helps lubricate our mind and in the process hopefully our ku improve too. at least over time I think they will. yeah no obligation to respond on any time schedule. one a day, ten a day, one a week, ten a month and return when it’s easy and fun. that’s how it works for me. because if it’s fun I’ll want to keep doing it.


                  body of evidence
                  stars below the horizon
                  on my iPad


                    • aloha Domica. just so you know, if you get to a reply that does not have a reply button attached and you want to continue you can just take the chain word and start a new comment. I will do the same. fun playing with you. aloha


                      rain to rivers
                      rivers to lakes and sea
                      earth blood


  1. sigh

    studio curtains bow
    in the late afternoon light
    a painter’s sigh


    aloha Andrew – yeah, i know what you mean about the media pushing the edges sometimes – sometimes going well beyond the edge too. i think sometimes they get too used to it because they are seeing it all the time. i’ve learned that i have to turn it off at times or it can just be too overwhelming as well as beyond what i need to see. I hope Australia as well as the other countries that have had a rough go this year does become more and more aware of how important it is to help each other – in times of crisis, but also in every day normal life too. when i think about it, it’s not really a difficult thing to do at all – for the entire world.

  2. I’ll have a crack. Spell check says ‘absence’ Rick so I’m going to assume it’s the word you meant. Sorry if it isn’t.

    my neighbor’s dog
    not noticing
    his absence


    • pale

      white cat in snow
      along the picket fence
      this pale flicker


      – bwahahahahaha – aloha and welcome piedhillprawns – ha, nice catch, yeah that’s what i meant. where was that spellchecker when i wasnt paying attention? bwahahahaa.
      – wait. absense – that refers to workouts that are good for your abs, doesn’t it? yeah, that’s what i meant absense. bwahahaha.
      – i like the multiple layers of meaning in your ku, piedhillprawns – thanks for joining in…

      • G’day Rick
        Glad to hear you are safe over there. I really visited to make sure you were ok but here is a (terrible) haiku offering for babel. Cheers

        cafe babel:
        poets discuss


        • aloha Andrew – yeah, Hawaii did okay because we had enough time to prepare and people for the most part took it seriously and the Safety, Emergency and government agencies – as well as a lot of other organizations did a lot to make it go reasonably well – not that it cant be improved a lot but with each experience like this they continue to do more. we did take some hard property hits and so on but no life loss that i know of at this point. it’s Japan that i really feel for and will need a lot of help i think. thanks for looking in to see tho. yeah, if you understand tsunamis and tsunami zones i’m reasonably safe from that kind of thing. i can catch earthquakes and other things like wind and hurricanes and a few other planetary events but most people have some exposure to some of these kinds of things… i know Australia does too.

          ha. i like your ku a lot. it stays with me and it has a core to it that is both humorous and accurate at the same time. i like that. i just wing these mostly here – and have fun. stop in any time. aloha.


          wind blown clouds
          across a crescent moon
          sickle flash


          • It’s good to know agencies are organised and on to it early. The Pacific has had a shocking start to 2011 but it is extraordinary how individuals, groups, countries have been stepping up to help wherever possible.

            Your ‘sickle flash’ is a great surprise.

            empty warehouse…
            only rodents’ tracks
            in the dust


            • aloha Andrew – yeah, i was impressed with the response here. having seen a few other imminent planetary events in the islands it’s heartening to know that as a species we can learn in ways that help more than just individuals. the same is true of stories i hear coming out of Japan now about generosity and helping each other. no looting – how is that for an example to the world. when we think of the human creature we often see brought to light some really terrible capacities that we have for destruction and cruelty yet if we are going to hold those qualities up i think we also have to hold up the incredible compassion and caring we can have as a species and as individuals too. my hope is that as a creature we move in those good directions regardless of government, belief or ancestry. wow what we could do.


              bees hover
              in that moment
              the blossom


              ha. gotta like your warehouse rodent tracks in the dust – in my skull it echos empty. beautiful. cool.

              • Very well put Rick. That compassion and humanity is still being played out here in Brisbane too. It’s been great through horrible circumstances. It should be said though, i’m struggling with the media’s crossing the line of sensitivity. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but i’m not too impressed with Australia’s media right now. And it’s our eyes that are asking for more pictures. There’s a poem stirring in me about our cold eyes. Ok – enough ranting.


                dusted in pollen
                staring, staring
                through a window


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