A NoteEvery So Often About Being here – or Not Being Here:


July 2014—4:31 AM. yes. i’m back. currently. for a while now altho i will be exploring new patterns to my day. which means most likely rediscovering my post frequency too. aloha. 

Late June 2014—2:10 A.M. local time: i will be away till about mid July. i may still be able to post some things from my iPad—easy posts (without links and extras). right coast adventure. fun. and heck if i know. etc. on my return i may be time pressed with house prepping and work for a couple of months on a new kitchen. hopefully less time than that. i still may be time pressed, however i should have full access to my resources (photos, visual artworks, past artwork and the beast computer) altho i may still post in a streamlined mode through that process. 

January 3, 2014. yes, i am returned (actually i returned 3 hours before 2014 after traveling for 22 hours). i may not be caught up quite. or quite here even. however i am returned. and of course as every day, it’s an all new world all over again. fun on. aloha.

December 27, 2013—I am away for a few days. I may or may not be able to post (I seem to get the net but do not get email—what’s that about??). It’s quirky. it’s also cold, beautiful and deeply quiet. I can almost hear the sunlight streaming through the window. and definitely now I can hear a crow. I’m on the Right coast. on a small lake which is called a pond here—Goose Pond. I should return before 2014. 

August 2012 – Yes I’m returned – and I have been gearing up for September and the 30 Days of Haiga. Join me if you create or enjoy – or just want to know about Haiga. 

July 29, 2012 – I’ve had less time on WP in the past week preparing to be off island next week.  of course i may still be here then too – only if i have net access tho. i wont be far – just another island and then i’ll return.  aloha. 

January 22, 2012, Sunday (1:29 AM local time) – if you’re here may be you’ve noticed i havnt gotten to comments (yet) as often or as quickly as i’d like to – for a while – not to mention visiting your blog and other things.  i think i hit my “hibernation” time.  a time each year when i seem to fall behind – usually between October and the End of January. . . or some part of that time in there. …even tho i usually continue working i often seem to, yeah, fall behind in a number of things. no worries, my intent is to catch up and get back into the pace and flow. hopefully that will be happening soon. thank you for continuing to take a look at what i’m doing and posting – yeah, doing is a priority even when i am in hibernation mode. …this year, i’ve managed to at least continue to post too. cool on that. aloha.

October 15, 2011 – Saturday – Since about the end of September I’ve been under heavy house painting and repairs – which is why I’m having a difficult time getting to comments, replies and blog visits. Among more pressing necessities I’m redoing the orchid closet (the little space outside – off the kitchen window – where the orchids grow and sometimes blossom). It looks like most of this house stuff process may finish up by the end of next week. Ha, yeah, I know how that time future predicting can work out… however, may be it will and I’ll get around to more of the things I’d like to be doing sometime after that… aloha.

8-13-11 – yeah. i’m back. it was fun to get off island for a few days (and on to another). now i’m in scramble mode. and fun of course. aloha

7-28-11 (& into August) – in the next few days i will be off island. …which means i’m going to be some place else than where i usually am. …actually in this case i’ll be going to another island. i”ll be there for a few days. i’m hoping while there to be able to post to my blog at least a few times from my iPad. altho i wont be able to tweak anything from my desk top – so it’ll be as it is and no more – at least until i get back on island. if possible i’ll try to keep up with comments more or less – altho that too is a little new to me from some place other than my desktop… fun summer on. aloha.

1-30-2011 – Sunday. …unless it’s Monday where you are… i’ve messed up. again. that is, i’ve some how… messed up my Cintiq. and my scanner. and in doing that, and trying to fix it… i’ve messed up my computer AND my net connection. in fact. i’m not even sure if i’m in the same universe any more. it’s definitely not Kansas. let alone one of the other 19 planets i’m usually on in my usual universe. so i’m trying to fix this. if i seem not to be here, i really am here, we just cant see me. i will be back or visible as soon as i figure this out. …now… where’s the note bottle, i need to put this message in it and send it off to all planets via liquid sea connection… since my net connection is clearly in murk mode and messed up. good luck. have fun. play hard. paint, write and create on. and… you know… the usual exceptional stuff and glee. aloha. rick. or… may be it’s now kcir? – p.s. if anyone knows what i did. send rescue to my gmail. …i may float up on that island at some distant point on some distant ocean in some distant mind in some distant time long ago or long afar. otherwise i may be away until i’m back. again. Mahalo.

– Wednesday Oct. 27, 2010 – i’m still having slow net issues as has been the case for the last week or two. there are some options i havnt tried yet which are more drastic and i may get to eventually. this is also the time of the year when i sometimes seem to disappear – or hibernate, which isnt really the case, because i just keep working anyway. i just seem to spend less time online altho it varies year to year. so, yes, i’m still around even if i dont seem to be here as often.

– Sept. 27, 2010 – i’ll have a slow internet service if at all for the next few days. hopefully it’ll be better by Oct. 1, 2010.

– another note: i’m back. Aug. 8, 2010

….yeah. just a simple note to let you know that i’ll be away for part of this week – Aug.3 to Aug. 8, 2010

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