025-30doh-2015 Thirty Days of September Haiga~ Day 25: Between Stars

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a thundering roar
this silence between stars
the sound of poets

Haiga is the image with the haiku placed within the image as a balanced component of the composition.

Today’s Link Box is for September 25 haiga:

The Prompt [for Sept. 25]:

Northern Hemisphere: Poet
Southern Hemisphere: Ships

The next three days of prompts:

  • 26. [for Sept. 26] 
    Northern Hemisphere: Seeds
    Southern Hemisphere: Fish
  • 27. [for Sept. 27]  
    Northern Hemisphere: Yellow
    Southern Hemisphere: Stones
  • 28. [for Sept. 28]  
    Northern Hemisphere: “pine cricket” an early autumn kigo
    Southern Hemisphere: “sprouting grass” an early spring kigo

You are invited to play as often as you are comfortable with playing. The introduction and more information has been posted on the first day of September in a previous post.

Thank you for your patience—aloha, rick

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