019-30doh-2015 Thirty Days of September ~ Day 19: Shoreline Afternoon

©2015 shoreline canvas 2 sml 6x

my shoreline walk
each wave this afternoon
a new canvas

Haiga is the image with the haiku placed within the image as a balanced component of the composition.

Today’s Link Box is for September 19 haiga:

The Prompt [for Sept. 19]:

Northern Hemisphere: The shoreline
Southern Hemisphere: The stars

The next three days of prompts:

  • 20. [for Sept. 20]  
    Northern Hemisphere: Painting
    Southern Hemisphere: Seed catalog
  • 21. [for Sept. 21]  
    Northern Hemisphere: Peacefulness 
    Southern Hemisphere: Bananas
  • 22. [for Sept. 22] 
    Northern Hemisphere: Cars
    Southern Hemisphere: White

You are invited to play as often as you are comfortable with playing. The introduction and more information has been posted on the first day of September in a previous post.

Thank you for your patience—aloha, rick

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