©12 Haiku Treasure 1x

2 thoughts on “©12 Haiku Treasure 1x

  1. Aloha, Rick!

    Happy 30doh! Your whole website looks gorgeous, and so much fun to explore, thank you! I look forward to visiting everyone’s blogs during 30doh.

    damp grass
    lifting the morning

    carol – haiku oasis

    • aloha Carol. thank you. a beautiful haiku you have left here as well. thank you for that too.

      very cool that you have found your way here. this area is somewhat of an archive for previous years, which gives the basic information i give at the beginning of each 30doh year.

      if you click on the header image, which right now has in it the haiku:

      floating on water

      you will be taken to the main blog where the daily posts for 30doh will be posted. i change the header image about once a month so it will be different over time. the header will always be the image at the top like that tho.

      in the post for September 1, 2016, you will also see a blue inlinkz box. that is where others will leave their haiga. click the box and you will see names or images which can then be clicked and you will be taken to their work.

      because i’m traveling this year, today on september 1, 2016, i will have to use my ipad to post. it is not easy to get things right on the app i have to use to do that. so there may be glitches in the next few days. when i return to hawai’i i’ll be able to post more clearly again, if i havent figured out how to do it while traveling.

      i hope i’m making sense. if not, let me know and i’ll try again.

      way cool that you are here. be well. walk in beauty. and have fun with haiku. aloha rick

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