Haiga, Haiku & Stories Of Yellow ~ 10-29-2020

10 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Stories Of Yellow ~ 10-29-2020

      • Well, hi there Rick! Good that you are keeping busy and I’m always happy to see a post of yours’. I haven’t been posting as much. The world upside down doesn’t much agree with me but it doesn’t with many people. I just finished today setting up a new laptop with lights beneath the keyboard. My eyes only get worse with age so it does help, though the stress of setting up the laptop did not. But it’s all good now. Thanks for the encouragement. I miss that from you. Do take good care, Rick. I will have to drop you an email at some point. 🙂

        • aloha Renee. yes, busy keeps filling up my day a little too much sometimes. yes too, living in this time is certainly like no other time i’ve lived in. yes, i understand setting things up challenges. however cool when it’s ready. clattering away on that backlight keyboard energy on you.

          change and adapt.
          change and adapt.
          and create on all the days too.
          and repeat.

          sometimes that helps get me through as well. safety, lightness, ease, joy, laughter and peace on you. be well. rest, dream and walk with beauty all around you. and have fun on the upside down days too. aloha rick

          • Thank you for this reply. I do have your email so must contact you there at some point. You have always been a positive and encouraging source of energy for me for you have seen in me that which I did not always until late 2019. Yes, will send you an email. Aloha! Renee

            • aloha Rene. yes, we all grow in jumps and starts. we just have to keep at it. that’s one of the reasons why it’s important to have fun with what you’re doing. we are all still discovering who we are. that’s part of the exploration of creativity as i see it. fun on liking who we become. aloha r.

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