Haiga, Haiku & Stories Of COVID-19 ~ 5-28-2020


i disinfect surfaces
boiling a bit of water
for tea


spicy tamale sauce
mostly still six feet apart
her grin


12 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Stories Of COVID-19 ~ 5-28-2020

  1. Aloha Rick! It’s delightful to discover precious moments in a day, you’ve done a fabulous piece here capturing many of those. Neighbor is sings, tea and tamales! Inspiration for me to eclipse seconds of my day in brevity. 🌞

    • aloha Roxie. thank you. i like the way you’re seeing this. yes, haiku is brief, yet it can encompass so much too. way fun to explore our day this way as well. aloha rick.

    • aloha WhippetWisdom. thank you, that neighbor has song for 2 hours every week for 7 weeks now. and it’s still a treat. requests and original stuff too. lightness and ease energy on you. aloha rick

  2. Wonderful Haiku Rick and thank you for your comment on my site but I cannot reply to it because it is lost in cyber space…or some such thing. I tried using the new editor and it got all confused and by the time I re-posted my piece your comment is now not showing up at all. Aloha!

  3. Thanks Rick. I especially like learning that your neighbor sings.
    Can relate to heating the water for tea too. Think I’ll wipe down a few things while I’m at it
    And the spicy tamale sauce–OOH!

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