Haiga, Haiku & Stories Of Pandemic ~ 4-30-2020


dove chatter

among flickering leaves

i listen in place


lingering day

the notes of a red cardinal

on telephone wire


18 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Stories Of Pandemic ~ 4-30-2020

  1. Nice Haiku and love your art piece of the sly looking lizard. I rather like them…but not snakes. No legs are so strange to me. Hope you have healed well from your surgery and I am happy to see a post from you once again. Aloha!

    • aloha Renee. thank you, yes, the lizards (mostly geckos and anoles nearby) are fun to watch, and very common. no snakes in Hawai’i however (unless someone brings them in). still legless, it’s amazing how snakes move. the knee is mending and I’m ahead of the pace according to the surgeon and pt people. it has a ways to go yet. however I’m hopeful that i can keep moving forward with it. I’m happy to have gotten a post up again too. write on, and be well and safe. aloha rick

  2. Hey Rick! Missed a lot while I was gone and your creative writing is definitely one of the things drawing me back. Appreciate your work and beautiful art!

    • aloha Roxie. it’s so good to see you here. thank you. I’m delighted that my work still connects with you. i hope you are doing well. especially in this most tumultuous time. safety, lightness, ease, joy, laughter and peace on you. aloha rick

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