Haiga, Haiku & Day Stories 9-13-2019

deepening the last days
of summer

4 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Day Stories 9-13-2019

  1. Love this Haiku and your art above. I always catch glimpses of you in some of your art but this is the first time I actually see ‘you’. I am a very visual person and have always had difficulty, myself, putting any actual picture of myself on my site or other sites. Until recently, when I decided to put an updated photo online (a stretch for me). So, I am quite pleased to see you here and to have a better idea of the man behind the art and the writing. Hope you are well. Aloha!

    • aloha Renee. yeah I’m visual too. artists are our own most available models. however it’s easy to over do ourselves as subject matter, especially in this age of selfies. i suspect i’d be boring if seen more often. however bits and pieces are fine with me. and fun sometimes too. fun on. aloha r.

      • I totally agree but have felt reserved in my life about photos of myself so tend to not do them. But, as I said, a glance once in awhile is appreciated. I do believe you have tun with what you do, Rick. Aloha!

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