Haiga, Haiku and Haibun: Awing Darkness—Super Blue Blood Moon

first sigh

at the moon viewing party

biting into a taco



Settling Upon Waking

2:20 to 5:01 AM 1-31-2018

Kailua Hawai’i

most silently. excepting the breeze. broken clod clouds. across deep velvet sky. white cat. brushing my legs. stars appear. wandering dog. sniffing. across the backyard. through the studio. window. soft metal. wind chimes. winter crickets. everywhere. near the avocado tree. i rock. in barely warm. t-shirt night. a neighbor. curdle cheering. periodically. a jetliner. rumbling. toward the super blue blood moon. how secret. the mosquito. finding my temple. stealth. in the silence. of all. oneness

white cat

leaps to my lap

blood moon



17 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku and Haibun: Awing Darkness—Super Blue Blood Moon

  1. I love your staccato haibun. Is it okay to do that? It almost seems truer to form to NOT write in complete sentences, to truly capture the moment in little observant bites. I love your style.

    This really floors me: “how secret. the mosquito. finding my temple.” Fantastic.

    • aloha Belle Jars. thank you. i appreciate the way you look and see. in my understanding of haibun, yes, it’s okay to write the prose portion of haibun almost any way we can imagine. i have seen it described as “prose, poetic prose, and even poetry other than haiku”. i’ve also seen it described as “terse” and “brusque” writing. for me, i believe the “prose” portion of haibun allows us to write in any way we believe is appropriate, and follows the spirit of prose in haibun. like you, i feel this way of writing helps to bring the reader into the moment or experience. yet it also keeps changing, often, there are many ways it can be read and understood. i like that. it also for me ties up well with haiku writing and poetry, which is what the form itself is. sometimes the prose portion of haibun is described as “travel journal” writing. simply jotting down notes while we travel. all of this seems to me to allow the kind of writing I’m doing here. of course this is simply me, and my understanding and interpretation of what i read and see around haibun. plus of course the way i like to do things. in short, it’s me having fun, because i am allowed to do it my way, while trying to fit my way into the form.

      i think we can use almost anything in our prose portion of haibun. to-do lists, grocery lists, notes to colleagues and friends and any anyone—the plumber even. dreams, medical instructions, disclaimers. i sometimes think, i will try creating haibun from a section of old telephone directories, or travel brochures. when i see writing, i think, how could i use that in haibun.

      i tend to push the boundaries of haibun in other ways too, altho now I’m not speaking of this haibun so much.

      yes, as i see it, this way of writing haibun, counts. at least it does for me. and as it clicked with you, I’m good on that too, thank you.

      i hope you too, will open up possibilities in these same ways, and in different ways, with your own haibun creating. cool on that. write live.

      to be clear, some people cannot understand this way of writing. while others grasp it immediately. i think poetry itself gives us a freedom to explore words and writing in many ways, particularly, in letting go of the more formal rules of writing at times. so—yeah, let’s explore. that to me is fun. when i do things that are fun, i like to come back to it and do it again. that’s me exploring the way i am. haibun allows me to do this in expanded ways, yet, while adhering to a form. altho i suspect sometimes i push the limits too far. in this case, i don’t believe i have. clearly it has connected with you. that’s what I’m after too. thank you.

      yes, i like the lines you’ve quoted too. way fun. thank you. aloha r.

    • aloha Gabrielle. yeah, i had thought i’d miss it too. the weather forecast said it wouldn’t be visible from this island. however it was great, because the on and off cloud cover made it interesting to keep watching. and mostly it was visible. so I’m glad i went out to see it.

      yeah, the line “biting into a taco” was the February 1st prompt for NaHaiWriMo this year. i found it worked out well for this grouping of 3 so i went with it. i agree, it adds a touch of humor, which i like. way fun. thank you. aloha r.

      • Lucky you! I knew it was out but even had I had the energy to try and see it, the clouds and overcast conditions here in WA would have most likely prevented me from doing so. Aloha!

        • yeah, when possible, i like to go see for myself what’s going on above me. it could have very easily been a shear wall of clouds. this time it worked out. as i understand it there will be one in jan./feb.(?) of 2019 that may be even more spectacular. if we can see it of course. ha. moon viewing party time is on. aloha r.

  2. Beautiful. It was cloudy here and I slept through the eclipse. Oddly enough I dreamt or had some kind of vision in my sleep of the moon cloaked in gold and silver light. My sleeping self told me it was a combination of sun and moon energies – your silent temple sounds like a similar place.

    • aloha Suzanne. yeah, i debated getting up here, because the weather forecast said it wouldn’t be visible on this island due to clouds. but i woke and decided i’d go look anyway. wow when i got out there. so i pulled up a chair and leaned back for a few hours. it was spectacular. one of the best blood moons i’ve seen. I’m way glad i got up. the animals were delighted i got up too, and had a ball being out there at that time of night. yeah, it’s not really blood red. it’s more like rich shades of golden orange browns. being a super moon made it even more spectacular. your vision dream is spot on, exactly—moon and sun energies together. i like that. yeah i like that temple line too. thank you. fun. aloha r.

      • There are some fantastic photos of the eclipse across the internet. It did look spectacular. Now to wait and see what those wild energies bring – I can feel them shifting things in my life already 🙂

        • yes, i’ve come across several spectacular views on the net. I’m not using my DSLR camera so much now. but fir some things it would be good to keep using it. yes, what energies it brings to us, and what energies we bring ourselves as well. lightness and ease energy on you. aloha r.

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