Haiga, Haiku and Haibun: Awing Darkness—Super Blue Blood Moon

first sigh

at the moon viewing party

biting into a taco



Settling Upon Waking

2:20 to 5:01 AM 1-31-2018

Kailua Hawai’i

most silently. excepting the breeze. broken clod clouds. across deep velvet sky. white cat. brushing my legs. stars appear. wandering dog. sniffing. across the backyard. through the studio. window. soft metal. wind chimes. winter crickets. everywhere. near the avocado tree. i rock. in barely warm. t-shirt night. a neighbor. curdle cheering. periodically. a jetliner. rumbling. toward the super blue blood moon. how secret. the mosquito. finding my temple. stealth. in the silence. of all. oneness

white cat

leaps to my lap

blood moon


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