Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Moments Of First

©2018 window silence 1 sml 6x


first day
after the new year
counting days


Unexpected The Moment

typed with black ribbon. on a 3 x 5 index card. (without blue lines). mom’s recipe. for homemade noodles. signed “Mom”. in black ink. we all have these, yes? how long ago was that? 40-45 years maybe? so that i could have a copy. because i asked. from college. (thus not, “Love Mom”—i might be embarrassed). making the noodles. on New Years Day. essentially egg noodles. i barely think. about mom. yet i know. she is close. the first bite however. and even now. in this moment. writing. i feel the liquid. in my eyes. rim full. i’d like to tell mom. about the noodles. more liquid. dropping. with memories. the taste. thank you mom—with love.

first noodle
memories flood
my mouth


28 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Moments Of First

  1. Such beautiful words and memories – brought tears to my eyes ❤ I wrote down most of Mum’s recipes and I am so glad I did – nothing like eating something your Mum made to take you down memory lane.

    • aloha Gabrielle. yes, exactly. memories were flying up on ram jet wings. tears surfaced a little later. good on you, writing down your mom’s recipes. i have a few from my mom. i wish i had gotten more from my grandmother. she didn’t write english or italian, however she could cook all kinds of delight. thank you. enjoy a mom recipe, and have fun aloha r.

  2. This post is very meaningful and reminds me of my Mother’s wonderful chicken and noodles. I learned by watching and still make them for my family at Thanksgiving. This year my oldest daughter asked if she could make the noodles. A tradition transferred to the next generation. That’s what life and love is all about. I love the photo.

    • aloha Linda. thank you. yeah, i like things that are passed down this way too. left over turkey with these noodles would be awesome. i’m glad you enjoyed this one and it connected with you. aloha r.

        • bwahahahahaha. well. sort of back. my “holiday” season ended this past weekend with the last birthday celebration(s). i now want to catch up a bit and hope to, yes be back. every year it’s this way. i’ve said this before, altho i seem to not be here, i’m still working, if not keeping up entirely with reading. 4 major birthdays between thanks giving and mid January, plus the usual holidays, takes a lot of prep and celebrating. still, yes, i will, if not quite yet, be back and gearing up. fun on your blog. and very cool on the haiku universe. aloha r.

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