Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Toward Longer Light

©2017 cricket solstice 1 sml 6x


winter solstice
i paint moonlight
a little darker


All Through Seeing

feeding the white cat. in darkness. the morning starts. way too early. again. still, waking. chilly. i know. the animals. will be watching. for me. the dog waggling. her excitement. clearly. i slip. into warmer clothing. beyond a morning meal. the dog’s tail. continues to wag. in silence. the cat walks. regally toward me. with clear intention. settling to the moment. i find. the serenity. to write.

winter solstice light

For Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #12 Winter Solstice


11 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Toward Longer Light

    • aloha JazzyTower. i’m delighted with your response, thank you. i hope your Christmas was every bit as happy as you are wishing for others. and a happy and joyous new year on you too. aloha r.

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    • aloha Gabrielle. yes, it was a beautiful moment. i’m glad it resinates so vibrantly with you. to be clear it is a photo-painting. meaning a photo that has been manipulated somewhat significantly. interesting, i hadn’t thought about the cricket in that way. yes, i think he will do alright. it’s a great view after all. ha. fun. thank you. and happy joyous new year to you all year long. aloha r.

    • aloha Charlotte. thank you. ha, yes, the dog and cat are very front and center right now. i’m caregiving by default. and probably way over attached already. ha, ha again. fun on too. aloha r.

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