Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Autumn Circles

©2017 jetliner sky 1 sml 6x


each time
i’ve reached for a dream
this journey



Snap Clatter

screen door. a child calling. familiarity. in the distance. one hammer. one nail. the laundry moves. in a circle. calling birds. the coo. of zebra doves. of rock doves. important. written conversation. in autumn. thousands of miles apart. a few miles apart. conversations. electronically. a crow. on black typewriter keys. a cricket.

autumn leaves
with the falling breeze
a murmur

12 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Autumn Circles

  1. 🙂 I like the rhythmic flow of the lines of haiku and haibun. I can imagine those sounds traveling to you through the warmth of a tropical evening in the mountain’s shadow.

    • aloha Suzanne. ha. yes. sometimes it’s a warm tropical evening. sometimes not so much. right now even in the middle of the day we are having very cool temperatures. i’m half bundling up, even in the house. still. . . .i’m fine with that. aloha r.

      • It’s hard to imagine Hawaii as very cool. I always think of it as a shorts and Tshirt kind of place. I watched a beautiful doco about some native Hawaiins holding a ritual gathering on a volcano on Big Island. The sinuous rocks of cooled lava were quite a sight but the sight of the molten lava slowly pouring out across the surface was incredible – such raw creative power. I found it amazing to think that there are places on Earth where land is still forming. Over here the volcanoes are extinct weather worn mounds.

        • aloha Suzanne. yeah, it can get quite cool at times here. mostly tho, you are right. i’m in t-shirt and shorts at the moment. altho it’s getting cool enough i may change soon too as it is approaching evening. yeah, lava flowing can be stunning—fast or slow. in the next week or so, i may get to fly over some of that area on the big island. i’m hoping to see some amazing stuff. i know it will be fun. yeah, too. there is another island forming east of the big island. it may take another few years to break the surface of the see yet. but it’s not far from doing that right now. as the continental shelf moves west the islands that are produced that way become less and less active. they’ve all been formed over that same “hot spot” more or less. there are other active volcanoes on the planet too. all unique and many quite spectacular. way fun to know new land is still being created, eh. fun on. aloha r.

          • Wow – that would be a great flight. I’d love to see photos of it. Happy New Year. I’m blogging again now but haven’t written any new haiku yet. I am enjoying reading yours though. 🙂

            • aloha Suzanne. cool on re-entering the blog world. yeah. the “doors-off” flight was very amazing. altho it was in day time and not a lot of surface flowing, you could still see the cracks and crevices glowing and bright with plenty of vent fumes/smoke and bellowing clouds. at one point i could actually feel the heat from below and a whiff of sulfur. i have a few photos. i’m not sure if they will make it to the blog or not. it was an unthought of dream from years ago come to life. have fun on your blog. aloha r.

              • Hi Rick, yes the photo of you and your wife and daughter beside the helicopter came up in my Facebook newsfeed. It certainly looked adventurous. It is always great when we fulfill long held dreams. All the best – S.

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