2017 Haiga Header Sampling













wind chimes
through the house




19 thoughts on “2017 Haiga Header Sampling

  1. These are so lovely Rick. I really enjoy the way you draw cats 🙂 The way you are writing haiku now really inspires me to keep going with my own work and even start blogging again (tho probably not till the new year).

    • aloha Suzanne. oh. i have to clarify, this is a photograph. i’ve just put it through a few to a larger number of apps to get it the way i want it. i would consider this a “photo painting”. i dont know if that’s the currently accepted term or not. a photograph that has been manipulated in a variety of ways. altho sometimes i do draw cats too. this white cat is a delight to photograph. he is a charmer. altho a very sensitive street cat for 8 years. he has settled into preferring to be here. for now. he could always leave of course. altho i hope he wont. he did that off and on for 8 years to the point where the human society knew him. he would be adopted out then disappear for months until caught again. which i suspect became increasingly more difficult because he did not like even being touch with one finger when he first came to be here. that was 2 years ago. and after being inside for several months he was allowed to go outside on his own. the first time he disappear for about 30 hours. i suspect he went back to the streets and then realized he wanted back here. when he showed up he was a bit scruffed up. two days later off he went again. this time for only about 18 hours. since then his romps back to the street are quite brief and he is almost always around the house or in it now. altho he still prefers outside most of the time to inside. he is a delight however. and i’m glad to be considered part of his pride. fun on that.

      yes too, my haik continue to evolve. hopefully for the better. and always moving forward. when what i’m doing is inspiring to you, i’m tickled with delight. yes, keep going. we all need breaks at times. that’s okay too. especially when the break is really going into another creative endeavor. which i know you do. way cool on that. and way cool when ever you are ready to return to blog showing.

      most of all, have fun. it’s a good thing to do. aloha r.

      • That’s clever photo manipulation. I’m not sure what you call it either – I don’t think the terms are fully defined yet as it’s all so new.
        I like your story about the white cat. I don’t have any pets at present apart from a strange relationship with a family of crows. The two adults built a nest in the tall tree behind my place a few months ago . In due course baby arrived and is now big enough to fly down to the ground. It’s been interesting watching them and seeing how they relate to each other. It sounds like they are talking to each other sometimes. There are two tabby cats next door that use my yard as their home away from home. They are ok though they kill a lot of lizards etc. The crows hate them. One day I was painting in the shed when I heard this ruckus. The crow had baled up the tom tabby on the fence and was trying to attack it with it’s beak. The cat made a hasty get away. That beak looks mighty sharp. For a while I thought the crows would turn on me when I was working in the vegie garden or sitting outside but they seem to accept me. I do them odds bits of food when I burn the rice or something like that but I don’t make a habit of it.
        re blogging and digital imagery – I’ve been looking at the work of the Japanese artist Kamisaka Sekka (early 29th century). It’s gorgeous stuff and inspires me to go for that kind of style in my haiga. I’m going to work off line until I know where I’m going with it. With the haiku – when I got run down (getting over that now 🙂 ) it totally stopped making sense – I couldn’t get into it all. That’s why I enjoyed the simple, direct approach of your recent stuff but also the way it has layers of meaning without being utterly obscure. A lot of stuff I read is either too obvious or just leaves me scratching my head. – easier to sit in the garden and watch the antics of the crows 🙂
        Anyway I’m coming out of that state now and am finding my way forward – but slowly – I still need more time mulling it over tho of course – these conversations are great fun. Can’t think of an Aussie version of aloha other than seeya 🙂 – Sue

        • yeah, i have 2 animals now. a dog and a cat. neither were my choice. but i cant not take care of them either. the dog is very aggressive toward the cat. i’ve been working on that. but it’s like the cat is a trigger. bird friends are very cool. even if you are not sure about the crows, i think that is a very special relationship you have going there. yes, sometimes we just have to explore by dropping what we are doing and going into something else i think. i run into those times too. this time of year especially can be stressed time for me. altho i usually manage to keep working i dont seem to post quite as often. take your time. explore when something intrigues you. and go on from there. that’s how i try to approach things mostly now. plus fun. i try to go where something looks like fun. seeya is fine. aloha works too. be in ease. and have fun. aloha r.

          • Hi, sorry to hear you are having a stressed time. I think I’ve got more of an aloha vibe going on these days – being at ease and having fun sounds like a great idea to me now that I am fully retired. 🙂 I’ve been away for a few days and baby crow seems to have taken to the wing. Now the air is full of bird song though my workaholic neighbour with a bush block of land is chain sawing in the distance – hope he stops soon. The first thing I saw when I got home was a big earth moving machine parked just over my back fence. A bad sign! Luckily it’s beach weather so I can retreat to there if he goes too macho. I hope you find some ways to defuse some of the stresses in your life.

          • Just a quick update on the crows – after I’d been home a few hours the three crows gathered on a branch overhanging my garden – mum, baby and dad looking on protectively. The mother crow regurgitated some food for the baby but after a few moments the baby wanted more. The baby started nudging mum and crying “Ma, ma, ma”. It sounded just like my three year old grandson calling his mum to come and help with something. 🙂

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