Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Autumn Depth

©2017 autumn depth 1 sml 6x


i set aside watercolors
evening cricket



Full Circle Dampness

how quickly. the changing afternoon. sunlight. disappears. over white. yard blossoms. thunderclouds roll. Kona winds—reversing. the wind direction. leaf scuttle. in front. of the autumn storm. i slip into the studio. pushing paint. tilting paper. watching the sheen. of drying color. fascinated. forgetting the rain. and the open window. above my bed.

machine wash
tumble dry on low
before i sleep


12 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Autumn Depth

  1. Very interesting and visual. Indiana is usually beautiful with fiery reds and glowing oranges and gold but late summer was too dry and our brilliant Fall has been brown, tan and yellow. You brought color to my day.

    • aloha Linda. it’s always fun when you visit. yeah, more and more, every year seems to be a strange year. even here. i’m delighted to have brought color into your day. way cool on that. and color on. thank you. aloha r.

    • aloha Renee. no, i had intended to prompt once or twice a week for extended 30doh. that hasnt happened. it doesn’t seem to work for me that way. so i’m letting it go. since a year ago, there have become way many prompts to play with. since mine started out as a once a year event for one month, it doesnt seem to hold as much pull as those that are ongoing year round. so it may be next year before i dip into my prompt buttons again. so no, you did not miss prompts. i’m slightly surprised that i’m actually still posting once or twice a week. however i’m really enjoying these triple Haiku and Related Forms posting. thank you. we will see how long that goes as i’m also doing other things which i have not been showing. altho i could show them, they are more along the lines of sketchbook paintings (mostly). and of course i’m having fun with that too. write on. thank you. aloha r.

      • I am happy to hear you are doing what you love and I am really enjoying what you do post. No worries, actually, and I look forward to next year if that is what you do. There are many prompts going ’round and quite frankly I am only involved in the Wednesday Prompt that is on Jamie Dede’s site. I am still getting adjusted to being retired. I have been busy my whole life either raising children or working (raising children is work as well…lol) but now I do have so much time and really not on a schedule it is an adjustment. Being on blood thinners for my heart causes me to be quite tired and so that makes it difficult as I have always liked being busy doing something. But I go on too long. Your sketchbook paintings sound interesting, though. I am always interested to see what another artist is doing. Aloha

        • yes, i will most likely do 30doh next year. altho heck if i’ll know until then too. ha. i like prompts but i like to take them on in my own way too. sometimes the process is too complicated. maybe that’s just me however. i know my own prompts can be too complicated too. yes, major shifts in life bring very new perspectives. just keep moving forward. again, that’s about all i think i can do too. yeah, i think i’ll do things with the sketchbook work, however i’m not sure how it will show up, if at all, in the blog. we will see. tomorrow is another surprise. go for the fun. i like that. fun on. aloha r.

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