Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: The Flavor Of Autumn

©2017 darkening sky 1 sml 6x


softly the light
through back windows



Turning The Season

bow and coo. bow and coo. a rock dove. the pair. waddle. in line. across yard grass. hop a low. red brick wall. toward deeper. foliage. purple and green. a moment later. silently. padding the same track. white cat. a sharp edge. chilling. the light breeze. band of rain. band of sunlight. branches bow. leaves flicker. clattering. my day. into. damp. red leaf. autumn.

i turn off my fan
autumn rain


8 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: The Flavor Of Autumn

    • aloha Linda. oh. very cool on story-ing off this image. thank you. and way fun. i may have the image without the haiku. if you create a story and want to show it and include the image where the story evolved from, let me know. fun on collaborative works. and with digital technology we can re-invent or works in multiple ways. so cool on that. and fun on. aloha r.

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