Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Boxed Autumn Fall

©2017 leaf tower 1 sml 6x


brown leaves
on my bedroom stand


10-8-2017 #3

Autumn Concert

first fall. of autumn leaves. shush. shush. rhythmically. beneath a mango tree. the neighbor raking. against dove chortle. and wind susurration. rising. and lowering. softly. through branches. still holding leaves. crimson. flashing. in my thought. red handle. scarlet leaves. with each shush. shush. i sit. eyes closed. yellowed. in broken sunlight. beneath the avocado tree. listening. to the concert continuum. mingling. natural. and human made. sound.

an autumn yard nap
earlier songs


7 thoughts on “Haiga, Haiku & Haibun: Boxed Autumn Fall

    • aloha Frank. thank you. i enjoy your blog a lot. i know it’s a lot to keep up. i hope it’s okay, to make a correction in the hashtag #4 rather than “Dan” when you have time change it to “Rick”. if you’re like me, i keep things i repeat where i can just copy it. i know the first one was “Dan” and i let it go. that’s okay. just for future hashtags is fine. thank you. aloha rick.

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