Haiga & Haibun: Sweet Potato Autumn

©2017 sweet potato yellow 2 sml 6x


broken color
dry autumn leaves
under my foot


10-5-2017 #3

Late and Early ~ The Cadmiums

night wind. lulling and flowing. banana fronds. and star fruit leaves. outside my window. a hush. seeping between the jalousie glass. i remember the word. look up the spelling. it’s 4:28 AM. i wonder where sleep is. while i write. even the whir of a bathroom fan. present. and the cloud-covered-moon night.

sweet potato
the yellow leaf memory
near my studio door


12 thoughts on “Haiga & Haibun: Sweet Potato Autumn

  1. What vibrant colours. How wonderful to be able to grow sweet potatoes. I can only dream of such things. It’s just the common old potato in my vegie patch.

    • aloha Suzanne. to be transparent, i’ve never dug these up. i planted pieces a couple of years ago and the leaves keep growing. so there may be sweet potatoes down there, i just dont know. i try lots of things. especially food plants. if they make it (no bugs eating them off, and can they stand my watering and the rain patterns etc.) then i think about working them more. i just like growing things i can eat and i’m always exploring those possibilities. heck, tho. i’d take common ole potatoes to eat from my yard over a lot of things i could buy any time. well done on you. and fun. thank you. aloha r.

      • Sounds like my kind of gardening. I’m growing what I like to eat too and lots of things spring up in my compost heap. The potatoes are one. Maybe I’ll try burying bits of sweet potato and see what happens. 🙂

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