Haiga & Haibun: Sweet Potato Autumn

©2017 sweet potato yellow 2 sml 6x


broken color
dry autumn leaves
under my foot


10-5-2017 #3

Late and Early ~ The Cadmiums

night wind. lulling and flowing. banana fronds. and star fruit leaves. outside my window. a hush. seeping between the jalousie glass. i remember the word. look up the spelling. it’s 4:28 AM. i wonder where sleep is. while i write. even the whir of a bathroom fan. present. and the cloud-covered-moon night.

sweet potato
the yellow leaf memory
near my studio door


20 thoughts on “Haiga & Haibun: Sweet Potato Autumn

  1. What vibrant colours. How wonderful to be able to grow sweet potatoes. I can only dream of such things. It’s just the common old potato in my vegie patch.

    • aloha Suzanne. to be transparent, i’ve never dug these up. i planted pieces a couple of years ago and the leaves keep growing. so there may be sweet potatoes down there, i just dont know. i try lots of things. especially food plants. if they make it (no bugs eating them off, and can they stand my watering and the rain patterns etc.) then i think about working them more. i just like growing things i can eat and i’m always exploring those possibilities. heck, tho. i’d take common ole potatoes to eat from my yard over a lot of things i could buy any time. well done on you. and fun. thank you. aloha r.

      • Sounds like my kind of gardening. I’m growing what I like to eat too and lots of things spring up in my compost heap. The potatoes are one. Maybe I’ll try burying bits of sweet potato and see what happens. 🙂

          • Hi Rick, just wanted to let you know I am not blogging at all at present. I had a really strong urge to delete all my blogs (radical hey!) and focus on my creative work away from the internet for a while. I’ll still be on Facebook though. I’ve enjoyed our blog conversations over the years and have learnt a lot from you. It’s been fun. 🙂 Love – Sue

            • aloha Suzanne. the learning is mutual. that’s what is nice about placing our work out where others can see it and where we have been on our journey. i can easily understand the need to return to our roots of creating without the net. i’ve been working on that as well, trying most days to put in at least a little time with a brush and paint (and sometimes a wide range of other things too). i haven’t been showing that stuff a lot—yet, i may eventually (or soon). altho i too and on and off facebook, (and sometimes even my blog) i try to keep things open so that i can return any time. even when i’m not posting i’m usually still working. it’s what helps me feel good. good creating energy on you. i appreciate our conversations too. aloha r.

              • Odd timing! I just came to look at my blog reader to catch up with another artist I follow and saw your comment from 5 mins ago. Sounds like we are in a similar place creatively. I’ve been painting too and even getting out the spray cans for some stencil art. Great fun! It’s all going to a new place I am not entirely sure of yet so it’s time to work behind the
                scenes. I will blog again one day but I want to start over and hopefully get more professional. It is good to share work I agree. I am slowly working on getting visual coherence in my haiga ( a personal quest) and will start blogging again when I get more clarity with that. Talk to you again sometime. I will look out for your posts.

                • yes. i hear you on knowing where we are going sometimes. i know when i restart daily (or near daily) painting it’s best for me to come back up through places i’ve been previously. more often than not, that is not repeating what i did previously, it’s a revisiting, with more experiences as a filter. still, i dont always know where exactly i’m going. i just feel the need to re-immerse myself in paint and paper/canvas. so i begin. i’ve needed that for years (okay, it seems that way at least). steadily i’ve been building on that paint and paper time now to nearly a daily activity. and still i do not know exactly where i’m going. altho most of it is in sketchbooks, some of it is finished to the state where i’d feel okay about showing it at least on my blog. however i suspect doing so would mean radically different works would appear sequentially. i’m not sure i want to do that—just yet. i may however, do exactly that, eventually, because i’m clearly having fun with some of, if not most all of, the things i’m playing with. or at least i’m excited about it while i’m doing it. ha. the bottom line (imo) is follow your pull. go where it’s fun. do that. i look forward to where you re-enter the blog showing. and of course anytime we talk on. aloha r.

                  • That’s interesting. I reached a strange point yesterday where I decided I didn’t really know where I was going with painting to such an extent my recent efforts were no more than ‘busy work’ – I was doing them to keep myself occupied but after a while they started driving me nuts because I had no idea what they were about! I packed up all the oil paints and am now deciding what to do with the half finished canvases – luckily the canvases were all cheap ones from the discount store – I’m thinking the entirely black one spray painted with silver stars would make a great journal cover 🙂
                    I’ve left the acrylic paints out and some other stuff in case I get inspired but mostly now I’m journalling. I wish I could get back to the sketch book – my drawing skills have dropped away since I started doing digital work – but, once again, the motivation just isn’t there right now. I wish I could reclaim my innocence of the past where drawing a tree took all morning and felt so satisfying. Now I start off with good intentions then think wtf I’ll just take a photo and manipulate it digitally.
                    I’m really glad you are having fun with your art – that’s what it’s all about.
                    At present I’m mostly just making little collages in a journal and exploring some of the ideas I came across when I was doing the haiga prompt blog. Once again – talking to you is really fun – 🙂 Sue

                    • yes, i know time like you are speaking of. for me i try to keep moving through it. not always successful of course. with your journaling i think you are moving through it too. sometimes we just dont know we are doing exactly what we need to be doing too. at times i’m having fun. at times i’m lost. sometimes when i’m lost i’m actually having fun too. sheesh. circles. yes, i understand about needing to draw in order to keep our drawing skills up. some of the apps i have are mostly, exclusively for drawing. which helps altho of course it’s different too. just keep moving forward. i think that’s the key for me. where i go. . . .is always about getting there any way. aloha r.

                    • Yep keeping the creative flow going is important. I keep planning to turn over a new leaf and get back to drawing but somehow never quite get beyond doodling. Still painting tho. 🙂

                    • yes. i’ve been working toward daily (or nearly daily) paper work (and hopefully eventually canvas too) with drawing and brush for most of this year. it’s only in the last month or two that i’m getting there. none of which i’m posting yet. i am having fun however. fun on, even in doodling (which is often how i start). aloha r.

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