Haiga 2017-030-30doh: Beach Child (& e30doh)

©2017 beach child 1 sml 6x


the rise
and fall of waves
into autumn

That the haiga may be seen and read as intended, all in one image, I no longer post the haiku separately beneath the haiga, in addition to being within the work. However I will from time to time offer an additional, or alternative haiku beneath the work.

Thank you to those who have contributed to 30doh either by creating haiga or continuing to do so, and for reading/seeing those contributions found in the comments.

My current intention is to post prompts for an Extended 30 Days of Haiga (e30doh): about one a week.

Today’s Prompt for 30 Days of Haiga (which you are not required to use):

2017-030-30doh [for Sept. 30]
Northern Hemisphere: attached or detached
Southern Hemisphere: attached or detached

Please visit and comment in positive ways, those creating haiga for the Extended 30doh prompts as well. Thank you.

Remember: your post URL is different than your blog URL.

Please leave the URL of your post in the comments here.

The next prompt for Extended 30 Days of Haiga, 2017:


2017-031-e30doh [1st week of October]
Northern Hemisphere: first. . . .
Southern Hemisphere: first. . . .


For additional information on 30 Days of Haiga 2017, and how to participate, please see the posts from the last few days of August 2017.

14 thoughts on “Haiga 2017-030-30doh: Beach Child (& e30doh)

    • aloha Renee. yeah, i keep going back to color. a lot some times. thank you. and thank you for being a diligent contributor to 30 Days of Haiga. i’ve had a lot of fun and learned some things too. a very cool September. fun on. aloha r.

    • aloha Suzanne. yes, this is Hawai’i. and i think you are right, both whimsy and some melancholy play a role in this. and our (or at least my) childhood too—altho on river beaches most of the time and occasionally on Ocean beaches, which awed me. still good memories either way. thank you. aloha r.

  1. Oh, Rick. I LOVE this one!!!

    I completely understand being a detached “little girl.” But the way you’ve presented the haiga makes it a natural thing rather than a sad or bad thing. If a leaf knows death or harm or a letting go is likely just around the corner, a state of emotional (as well as physical) detachment is necessary, healthy, beneficial, and natural. Beautiful, even.

    The picture even suggests that as the leaf is falling away, it is remembering its joyful “childhood.” And behind, beside, all along is that ravenous ocean — both friend and foe, depending on the season (of her life). When it’s time, it’s time. She’ll know, and she won’t fight it.

    • aloha Marley. i like the way you see this haiga. yeah, here are a lot of parallels i think can be made in comparing this one. thank you for seeing into it and letting me know. way fun. aloha r.

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