Haiga 2017-029-30doh: Yellow Cat Chair

©2017 yellow cat chair 1 sml 6x


i look
for a better job
first born

That the haiga may be seen and read as intended, all in one image, I no longer post the haiku separately beneath the haiga, in addition to being within the work. However I will from time to time offer an additional, or alternative haiku beneath the work.

Today’s Prompt for 30 Days of Haiga (which you are not required to use):

2017-029-30doh [for Sept. 29]
Northern Hemisphere: birthday of birthdays or born
Southern Hemisphere: birthday or birthdays or born

Please visit and comment in positive ways, those creating haiga for 30doh. Thank you.

Remember: your post URL is different than your blog URL.

Please leave the URL of your post in the comments here.

The last prompt in September, for 30 Days of Haiga, September 2017:


2017-030-30doh [for Sept. 30]
Northern Hemisphere: attached or detached
Southern Hemisphere: attached or detached


For additional information on 30 Days of Haiga 2017, and how to participate, please see the posts from the last few days of August 2017.


23 thoughts on “Haiga 2017-029-30doh: Yellow Cat Chair

    • aloha Suzanne. yeah, this was sitting on the curb, waiting to be picked up by the to-big-for-regular-trash-bin-pick-up trucks, or anyone else who wanted it. there was a sadness to that. maybe even a wabi-sabi sadness as the back had become separated from the seat in an unsafe way, making it useless unless someone took the time to fix it. it might have been use by children who became too big for it as they grew. i just thought about how i’d have liked to sit in it. and when. and new born kittens seemed like an excellent time to sit in that chair. i then realized i’d seen kittens like that and with a first time mother of kittens i realized the mother was being born into motherhood at the same time as she was giving birth to her first kittens. i once watched that (or slightly soon after the birth) for only a few moments. it has remained with me (along with a number of other animal births on a small farm where i spent a lot of my growing up days). this chair would have been perfect for those moments. thank you. aloha r.

      • I like the way you see the world and how a curb side discard leads you into a philosophic ramble. Somehow September slipped away without me getting many 30 doh done. I’ve enjoyed following yours though. 🙂

        • thank you, yeah, i’m likely to ramble when i have time. ha. and fun.

          no worries, some months slip away like that. it’s okay, we all need a break at times. i’m delighted you were here. that’s contribution in itself, thank you. aloha r.

              • 🙂 I’ll probably come back on to FB soon. It’s a good way of keeping up with other bloggers. I just got sick of seeing posts hammering home particular political agendas that are big news over here in Oz right now. 🙂

                • yeah, i can understand that wish to be out of the locomotive headlights of political stuff. yes, too, FB does get a lot of response to things i post there. still, it’s because i do my blog that there is something to post there most of the time. be well. rest and walk in beauty. and have fun. aloha. rick.

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