Haiga 2017-007-30doh: Sanctuary In Hand

©2017 sanctuary in hand 2 sml 6x


Today’s Haiga Prompt (which you are not required to use):

2017-007-30doh [for Sept. 7]
Northern Hemisphere: painting or paintings
Southern Hemisphere: painting or paintings

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The Next Three prompts, for 30 Days of Haiga, September 2017:


2017-008-30doh [for Sept. 8]
Northern Hemisphere: cat or cats
Southern Hemisphere: cat or cats

2017-009-30doh [for Sept. 9]
Northern Hemisphere: chrysanthemum or chrysanthemums
Southern Hemisphere: chrysanthemum or chrysanthemums
2017-010-30doh [for Sept. 10]
Northern Hemisphere: grandfather or grandmother or grandparents
Southern Hemisphere: grandfather or grandmother or grandparents


For additional information on 30 Days of Haiga 2017, and how to participate, please see the posts from the last few days of August 2017.


4 thoughts on “Haiga 2017-007-30doh: Sanctuary In Hand

    • aloha Dave. yeah, “sanctuary” is one i return to every so often. i have to be careful or i’ll use it too much. yeah, exactly on art sanctuary—a place to take risks too. the frames are there for several reasons, presentation has come from my western visual arts background. i dont mention this even in my tags, but these are all designed to easily be made into postcards, the frame allows the border to be trimmed by +/- .25 inch all the way around. i used to make these printable at 12 x 8 inches as well. i havent tried printing these that size but i may soon. just to see if the integrity will still hold. then they could be framed as a photograph and the frame in the work would act as a double framing look without the expense of a double frame. i’ve done this and i like the way it looks. so we’ll see. of course with the frame as it is—i can just thumbtack these to a wall (or maybe use a small, short brass nail). fun. thank you. aloha r.

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