Haiga 2017-004-30doh: One Day Too Long—Papaya

©2017 papaya birds 1 sml 6x


Today’s Haiga Prompt (which you are not required to use):

2017-004-30doh [for Sept. 4]
Northern Hemisphere: papaya or another local fruit
Southern Hemisphere: papaya or another local fruit

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The Next Three prompts, for 30 Days of Haiga, September 2017:


2017-005-30doh [for Sept. 5]
Northern Hemisphere: wheat or harvesting
Southern Hemisphere:  wheat or planting

2017-006-30doh [for Sept. 6]
Northern Hemisphere: wind
Southern Hemisphere: wind

2017-007-30doh [for Sept. 7]
Northern Hemisphere: painting or paintings
Southern Hemisphere: painting or paintings


For additional information on 30 Days of Haiga 2017, please see the posts from the last few days of August 2017.

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