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Please Note:
The haiku in haiga should be clear and easily read IN THE HAIGA itself. I believe most devices we use today have the ability to show an image on a larger scale. For this reason I will no longer be posting the haiku separately, this is so that the haiga can be viewed and read as it is intended––all within the haiga.

Haiga is haiku placed WITHIN an image as a BALANCED COMPONENT of the composition.

This September (2017) I and a few others will again attempt to create and post at least one haiga per day for the entire month—or as often as possible—30 Days of Haiga (30doh). I may or may not achieve this goal—however the fun is in trying. You are welcome to join in as often as you are able to do so—and invite your friends; especially those who enjoy viewing and/or creating haiga.


The first two prompts, for September 2017:

2017-001-30doh [for Sept. 1]
Northern Hemisphere: remembering an animal
Southern Hemisphere:  remembering an animal

2017-002-30doh [for Sept. 2]
Northern Hemisphere: classical music
Southern Hemisphere: classical music

2017-003-30doh [for Sept. 3]
Northern Hemisphere: the dog(’s) birthday
Southern Hemisphere: the dog(’s) birthday


The first Link Box (for September 1, 2017) will appear on the post for that day (along with the prompts for the next three days).

For additional information see the posts from the last few days of August 2017.

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