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September 2017—You Are Invited To A Blog Event

In a few days I will begin 30 Days of Haiga—30doh-2017. This will be the 7th year of the event I’ve held on the 19 Planets Art Blog each September since 2011.

For thirty days I and a few others attempt to create at least one new original haiga each day—or as often as possible.

Each day, starting a few days ahead of September 1st, I post rotating prompts for the next three days. However these are not required to create your haiga.

Also provided each day will be a new link box to link up your haiga, so that others may view haiga created for that day.

You are invited to explore and view the haiga created by clicking on the link box provided for each day.

Please Note:
In previous years I have posted the haiku that is in the haiga again, separately, below the haiga. I did this because on some devices the image was too small to see and read appropriately. I suspect this has caused some confusion, in that it may appear that this is how haiga is intended to be shown and seen. It is NOT. The haiku in haiga should be clear and easily read IN THE HAIGA itself. I believe most devices we use today have the ability to show an image on a larger scale. For this reason I will no longer be posting the haiku separately, so that the haiga can be viewed and read as it is intended––all within the haiga.

fun. thank you. aloha r.

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