Haiga ~ The blog Header for March


mostly just because i like doing things like this.


12 thoughts on “Haiga ~ The blog Header for March

    • aloha and thank you Francina. i usually chains my headers near the beginning of each month. i don’t often show them in a post later. perhaps i should. fun thought. thank you again. aloha r.

  1. One of my favorite things — colored leaves lying on the ground, especially on a walk in the woods. The birds are impatient here, and confused about whether or not spring is actually coming. Our temperatures have been so up and down, little buds freezing right now in a late cold snap.

    • aloha Martha. yes exactly. leaves on the ground. beautiful in color and cycle moment too. yes again the seasons flow into each other as a waltz not a calendar date. two steps forward, one step back. and beautiful in each step. fun. aloha r.

    • aloha RKB66. i enjoy working this format too. a few years ago i was doing long vertical formats which i like as well. i may have to go back to those for a while. they fit well in blog and online formats. thank you. and thank you for your continued visits. i appreciate that a lot. fun on. aloha.

    • bwahahahha. aloha Oliana. yes, i know quite a few people who can’t wait for this kind of sound. did you know, there were blizzard conditions here in Hawai’i yesterday? and snow the day before? there were and it did. on the high summits. of course it’s not quite that cold along the sea. where it rained 6 inches in some places. still, if that had been snow it would have been 5 feet deep. or something like that if i remember right. come on spring. yeah, i can get behind that. thank you. aloha.

      • My oh my!!! I had not heard that. How the weather is changing in all parts of the world! It is freezing after five days Mother Nature teased us with rain and mild weather…back to minus 15 C today and snow on the horizon. I do prefer snow to rain when it is cold though. I never expect spring until mid April around here…that way if it is earlier, it’s a nice surprise. aloha, stay warm

        • cool on nice surprises. i suspect, at any moment, the weather will suddenly be warm and into summer with barely a pause for blossoms. might as well enjoy now as it is. and have fun too. oh. yeah. and stay warm. ha. aloha.

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