Haiga ~ Puzzle



the jigsaw puzzle
piece by piece


12 thoughts on “Haiga ~ Puzzle

    • aloha Cheryl-Lynn. more and more i find playing with the pieces of haiku often lead me to better (or at least what i think is better) haiku. of course i can get caught up in that to the point of getting bogged down too. at some point i find it helps to just let it all settle for a while. a day or two or a week or more later when i come back to it, i find something usually steps out as clearly the better way. sometimes it’s the first way. but not always. so i’ve found it’s fun to explore but not to the point of getting bogged down. just go on to the next one. and return in a few days. at least that’s where i seem to be right now. unless as in NaHaiWriMo i need to keep working day and night on things. ha. that’s fun too of course. fun. thank you. aloha.

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