Haiga for e30doh 2016-003 Marshmallow Snow



first snow
adding marshmallows
to chocolate


13 thoughts on “Haiga for e30doh 2016-003 Marshmallow Snow

    • aloha Charlotte. yes. Merry Christmas to you as well (okay i’m a month after Christmas—still, it’s a spirit that can go on all year). and yes, altho i’m not posting, i am writing and creating. thank you for the encouragement. fun on. aloha. rick.

      • Christmas seems so distant just a month afterwards. I am kind of glad the holidays are over. I like routine, and I like to keep focused on the larger picture. I wish you a tremendously creative year, Rick. And, peace to all.

        • thank you Charlotte. yes, how quickly time takes us long distances. i can understand the release of being on the other side of holidays. sometimes that pressure. . . . and still as you say, that spirit going on all year. . . .yes, i like that. i like routine too. and yet at times there is a renewal process that happens when i step out of routine occasionally that i like as well. we are strange creatures. no doubt about that. and to you as well, a breath-takingly creative year on you. lightness, ease, joy and peace on you. aloha. rick.

  1. Aloha, Rick! I love your haiga with the dirt and snow and shadow and light and the warmth of yummy hot chocolate with melting marshmallows. I enjoy so many layers of insight here. Really fun! – carol 🙂

    • thank you Renee. i’m hoping to get back to posting again. i’ve continued to work, write and create. however this being the time of year that time is hard to come by, my posting is something i give up before i give up time to create. i may be coming out of that time now. altho it’s a little delayed as of last weekend. still. . . . i’m hopeful. fun on. aloha. r.

    • thank you Janet. yes. i think it universally relates to a lot of places. today is much after i posted this of course however today it may even snow here in Hawai’i (okay okay, in the higher elevations on the big island where it usually snows a little each winter). fun on. aloha. r

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