Haiga Prompt for e30doh 2016-003 ~ and House Table


empty house
things i could not cary
left on the table

Prompt e30doh 2016-003 (Dec. 1, 2016):
Northern Hemisphere: first snow
Southern Hemisphere:  last snow

i hope you will consider being currently (in the moment) engaged and active in the creative process rather than browsing past images and past haiku. in other words, create your haiku and even take photos or paint/draw on the spot or as soon as possible after your haiku moment.

remember the image can be something other than the subject of the haiku. in fact i think often in the best haiga the image does more than illustrate the haiku and the haiku is more than a description of the image. this is not an absolute. there are many good haiga that partially illustrate or describe. i’m just encouraging us to explore this third option. see if you can connect the two, haiku and image, yet avoid illustrating the haiku, or describing the image.

of course you are under no obligation to do any of this or even use the prompt. simply create your own haiga—image and haiku (or if you cannot create an image use a free source image so that you do not infringe on copyrights). then connect your haiga post to the link box for 2016-003-e30doh:

i will add my haiga to the link box as well for e30doh at some point (hopefully) before the next prompt comes out. i hope to create a prompt every other week or so. however the pattern will become what ever the pattern will be.

as always ask if something is not clear. watch and respond to what others do. and have fun.

i do not have a Twitter or Instagram account. you are welcome to link up here appropriately, however i may not be able to visit you.


10 thoughts on “Haiga Prompt for e30doh 2016-003 ~ and House Table

    • aloha and thank you Renee. i appreciate your participation in the e30doh prompts too. i like the direction your responses have taken already. way cool on that. fun in the season on to you. aloha.

  1. Aloha, Rick! I enjoy the “both-ness” of empty and full in your home, haiku and haiga…which points me to your present moment awareness of wherever you are. I appreciate your comment to me about being present, focused and intentional with each stroke, each line that I draw. I feel inspired to create my next e30doh haiga! Thank you very much, and happy holidays to you and your family! – carol 🙂

    • aloha Carol. you make a cool observation about empty and full. it seems to me that haiku can accommodate that kind of juxtaposition altho i dont know why exactly. being present to me is a good thing with both haiku (and haiga) as well as life. i think haiku is often a reminder of this in subtle (and not so subtle ways). intentional is an interesting presence too. thank you. and way cool on excitement to create at any time. fun. aloha.

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