e30doh 2016-002 Lightly Island [and the 2nd e30doh prompt]


an island corner

welcome to the 2nd e30doh prompt:

2016-002-e30doh [Nov. 2016]   
Northern Hemisphere: dark days
Southern Hemisphere:  light days

because this is time extended (most likely a couple of weeks) as well as Extended 30doh, for creating i hope you will consider being currently (in the moment) engaged and active in the creative process rather than browsing past images and past haiku. in other words, create your haiku and even take photos or paint/draw on the spot or as soon as possible after the haiku moment.

remember the image can be something other than the subject of the haiku. in fact i think often in the best haiga the image does more than illustrate the haiku and the haiku is more than a description of the image. this is not an absolute. there are many good haiga that partially illustrate or describe. i’m just encouraging us to explore this third option. see if you can connect the two, haiku and image, yet avoid illustrating the haiku, or describing the image.

of course you are under no obligation to do any of this or even use the prompt. simply create your own haiga—image and haiku (or if you cannot create an image use a free source image so that you do not infringe on copyrights). then connect your haiga post up in the link box for 2016-002-e30doh:

i will add my haiga to the link box as well for e30doh at some point (hopefully) before the next prompt comes out. i hope to create a prompt every other week or so. however the pattern will become what ever the pattern will be.

as always ask if something is not clear. watch and respond to what others do. and have fun.

i do not have a Twitter or Instagram account. you are welcome to link up here appropriately, however i may not be able to visit you. as it is i’m not nearly through the 30doh for 2016 links so far. yeah, i’m that far behind. however i am attempting to catch up. fun on. aloha.


5 thoughts on “e30doh 2016-002 Lightly Island [and the 2nd e30doh prompt]

  1. Hi Rick, I like the light touch you bring to this haiga. I also really like your new header. I hope you are doing well over in your little island corner. – Suzanne

    • aloha Suzanne. over time, as i look back, i realize i’ve always found “light” appealing to me. i know it’s one of those major areas for photographers and i think i was reluctant to embrace it because it seemed like it was so obvious that it should be important that i didnt want to “follow the crowd”. however in doing so, i think i slipped into the back door of light finding my own way, or at least what i see as my own way with light. it definitely fascinates me. and it almost always catches my eye at some point every day producing a startling wow reaction in me—especially if i keep my eyes open. thank you.

      thank you on the header too. i have fun with the headers every month. it’s one of the things people miss if they do not come to the blog to see work but only rely on the reader. i know the “header” for most blogs remains the same for years sometimes if not more. for me it’s simply another place i can play with an image. way fun on that.

      yes, mostly well enough here about, thank you. lightness and fun on your spring. aloha.

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  3. Aloha, Rick! I enjoy the interesting angle you took this photo from, along with the angles of light, awesome! I learned something fun from your use of part of the image, closer up, as the border. This haiga transports me to your corner of the world, love love love it, thank you! – carol 🙂

    • aloha Carol. one of the thoughts that rumble around in my head when i’m looking and snapping photographs is exactly that, what angle do i really see this at and what angle will give me an interesting perspective. so it’s cool when that reaches you as the viewer. thank you.

      yes, sometimes, however not always, i use a part of the photo as my frame in a way that is not an extension of the photo directly (sometimes i use the photo directly and the outer “frame” area is simply more of the photo in the same view. it often depends on what i’m after, and how close some elements are to the edge of the frame. from time to time i add other elements to the frame as well. and i also try to make the focus of the entire work, the area inside the frame while keeping the frame area interesting too. these works i’m doing most often more recently are designed as if to be printed as a postcard (i think i’ve mentioned this at other times too), which means about half of that framed area will be trimmed when the photo is printed so that the work altho going to the edge of the postcard, will still have a narrow frame around it. i think of that frame area as an optional mat if the work were to actually be framed. the work could be matted or framed right up over the frame area of the work and the work would still hold as a composition.

      yes, again, it is “my corner of the planet”. i see it that way too. thank you. aloha.

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