Haiga: Window Vase ~ And ~ Extended 30doh (e30doh) Information—Oct. 9, 2016


moon vase
on my window ledge

yes i’m still working.

yes, i am not quite caught up with linkups.

yes, i’m also working on how to go about an extended 30doh.

would that make it e30doh?? maybe. yeah, probably.

for now e30doh (Extended 30 Days of Haiga) will be at least 2 a month if not 1 a week. those were the most requested times for prompts out of the choices that were listed (the preferences were about evenly split). so respond as often as it works for you to do so.

will e30doh be regular?? maybe. however for now it will have to find it’s own pattern and i will try to get them set up into a regular flow at some point.

i will continue to provide a link up box to make it easy access to those who respond and for those who wish to add their links.

e30doh may also provide prompts in a slightly different way than i have used in the most recent years. we will see.

this post is not a prompt. however i hope to have the first prompt up soon. i also hope to get to 30doh linkups as time permits.

thank you for your patience. aloha. rick.

a moon vase is a container often with a dark interior, often with water in it as a reflecting substance. a moon vase is set out to catch the reflection of the moon for viewing.

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