2016-030-30doh Thirty Days of Haiga ~ Day 30: Morning Trees ~ (And a Question)



among olive trees
pruning bonsai

As a side note: I write my haiku beneath the haiga as well only because I know on some devices the image itself may be small, making the haiku difficult to read.

Haiga is haiku placed within an image as a balanced component of the composition.

The prompt for 2016-030-30doh [for Sept. 30]

30- 2016-030-30doh [for Sept. 30]   
Northern Hemisphere: purple, olives or (extra virgin) olive oil or olive trees/orchards
Southern Hemisphere:  purple, olives or (extra virgin) olive oil or olive trees/orchards

Today’s haiga Link Box is for September 30:

This is the final day of September 30doh 2016. Thank you for participating by creating and/or viewing the haiga of others. I still hope to get around to the links that have been left in the link-up box this month and catch up a little each day. Yes, I’m slow at this. Thank you again for your patience.

I am also considering and looking at how to go about extending the haiga prompts in some way year round. It would help me to know your interest in this by replying to the following

Question for those interested in (more) 30doh:

Would you be interested in extending 30doh (regularly but not daily) over an entire year? Would you let me know which appeals to you by leaving the number of your preference from the list below in a comment. Leave the number of your preference each day if you’d like to do so through the end of September. I will look at the results after that.

0- do not extend 30doh, leave it at each September (0)

1- a prompt regularly once a month (1)

2- a prompt regularly twice a month (2)

3- a prompt regularly more often such as weekly (3)

Thank you.

You are always invited to play as often as possible. The introduction and more information has been posted on the first day of September 2016 in a previous post.

Thank you for your patience and playing in 30 Days of Haiga—aloha, rick

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