2016-003-30doh Thirty Days of Haiga ~ Day 3: Sound Sailing


the sound
sailing across the sky
sand and sea

As a side note: I write my haiku beneath the haiga as well only because I know on some devices the image itself may be small, making the haiku difficult to read. Ideally the haiku should be easily read within the haiga itself.

Haiga is haiku placed within an image as a balanced visual component of the composition.

Today’s haiga Link Box is for September 3:

The Prompt for 2016-001-30doh [for Sept. 3]:

3- 2016-003-30doh [for Sept. 3]
Northern Hemisphere: wind or breeze
Southern Hemisphere:  wind or breeze

The next three days of prompts:

4- 2016-004-30doh [for Sept. 4]
Northern Hemisphere: gold, golden or yellow
Southern Hemisphere:  gold, golden or yellow

5- 2016-005-30doh [for Sept. 5]
Northern Hemisphere: black or apple
Southern Hemisphere:  black or apple

6- 2016-006-30doh [for Sept. 6]
Northern Hemisphere: things you never get done (it’s okay we all do that)

Southern Hemisphere:  things you never get done (it’s okay we all do that)

You are invited to play as often as possible. The introduction and more information has been posted in previous posts on the last few days of August 2016. Click the header image at the top of this post and scroll down.

Thank you for your patience and playing in 30 Days of Haiga—aloha, rick

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