Haiga: Backyard Summer and Prompts For The First Four Days Of 30doh

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windless days
in the backyard

Welcome to 30 Days of Haiga—or 30doh.

Over the 30 days of September for the past five years I and a few others have been attempting at least one haiga each day—or as many days as possible—for 30 Days of Haiga.

You are welcome to join us for this 6th year as often as possible and link your haiga in the new-for-each-day link box.

Place your haiga post link (which is different than your blog link) in the Link Box which will be provided each day starting on September 1, 2016.

The prompts for the first 4 days of September, 2016:

1- 2016-001-30doh [for Sept. 1]   
Northern Hemisphere: new moon
Southern Hemisphere:  new moon

2- 2016-002-30doh [for Sept. 2]   
Northern Hemisphere: fire or campfire
Southern Hemisphere:  fire or fireplace

3- 2016-003-30doh [for Sept. 3]   
Northern Hemisphere: wind or breeze
Southern Hemisphere:  wind or breeze

4- 2016-004-30doh [for Sept. 4]   
Northern Hemisphere: gold, golden or yellow
Southern Hemisphere:  gold, golden or yellow



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