2016-001-30doh Thirty Days of Haiga ~ Day 1: Avocado Night


new moon
listening for the thud
of avocado fall

[To those who return frequently and occasionally when possible you are gratefully appreciated, and to everyone else as well: I am having difficulty posting accurate and esthetically coherent posts from my iPad. Which is how I will most likely post for the next 10 days or so. Please accept my apology for this. I will do my best to get this to work while I am 6 or 7 thousand miles away from my usual methods of posting—life in our amazing world of now. I hope to be returning to my usual methods of posting soon. Fun on. Thank you. aloha]

As a side note: I write my haiku beneath the haiga as well only because I know on some devices the image itself may be small, making the haiku difficult to read. Ideally the haiku should be easily read within the haiga itself.

Haiga is haiku placed within an image as a balanced component of the composition.

Today’s haiga Link Box is for September 1:

The Prompt for 2016-001-30doh [for Sept. 1]:
1- 2016-001-30doh [for Sept. 1]   
Northern Hemisphere:   new moon
Southern Hemisphere:  new moon


The next three days of prompts:

2- 2016-002-30doh [for Sept. 2]   
Northern Hemisphere:   fire or campfire
Southern Hemisphere:   fire or fireplace

3- 2016-003-30doh [for Sept. 3]   
Northern Hemisphere:   wind or breeze
Southern Hemisphere:  wind or breeze

4- 2016-004-30doh [for Sept. 4]   
Northern Hemisphere:  gold, golden or yellow
Southern Hemisphere:  gold, golden or yellow

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