Thursday Doors August 18, 2016: Rock Column Gate

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brain teaser
opening and closing
the gate


A Sunset Gate

sometimes this cat is quite inquisitive about the things I do. this gate leads to a ten foot drop. I call it the Sunset Gate because opening it and sitting there to watch the sun go down can be quite rewarding. this day it’s a little too overcast for a great sunset. the gate is an access point to the water right of way below which runs between the houses. it’s rare that even with run off there is water in it. once in a decade maybe a little stream forms in the twelve feet that is allotted. still, it must be a puzzle as to why I would open and close this gate when it’s clearly so easy (for the cat) to just go over the entire wall. which he does nightly.




Thursday Doors is about doors of course. I’ve photographed doors for years—not quite knowing what I’d do with them. I’ve simply always liked Doors and Doorways. A number have ended up in my haiga (haiku within an image as part of the image). Something that I expect this Weekly feature will bring out more often now.

Thursday Doors is hosted by Norman Frampton on Norm 2.0—his blog. You can explore the concept and many more doors there.



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