Thursday Doors August 11, 2016: Sky Doors

©2016 blue sky door 2 sml 6x


her sky garden
even the entrance

sometimes I walk as an urban hiker. most of my recent doors are simply around in the neighborhoods where I walk. this one is nearby on a main road. I’ve never seen it open in a number of years, however I have seen it painted in several different ways. it fascinates me because I have to wonder exactly what is behind it—nah, it cant be just a yard. . . .where’s the fun in that?


Thursday Doors is about doors of course. I’m new to this call. However not to photographing doors. Somehow I’ve photographed doors for years—not quite knowing what I’d do with them. Still. I’ve always liked Doors and Doorways. A number have ended up in my haiga (haiku within an image as part of the image). Something that I expect this Weekly feature will bring out more often now—if i continue with it.


Thursday Doors is hosted by Norman Frampton on Norm 2.0—his blog. You can explore the concept and many more takes on doors there.



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