NaPoWriMo 2016 April Day #12 ~ Visual Haibun: Scraping Brush

©2016 scraping brush 1 sml 6x


I Scrape My Palette

Color: accelerated tests: for longevity; for embrittlement;
for yellowing. alizarin crimson, compared to new reds.
celadon green, celestial blue, Chinese vermillion,
Chinese yellow, cobalt black, blue and ultramarine.

Additive: comparisons, complementary, diffraction,
flat, influence of, on perspective, juxtaposition of
and light, matching, mixed, opaque and transparent.
primary; secondary, stability, as a technical tool, tertiary

And variations in hue: overpainting and underpainting.
enough. I want to paint again already. zinc white,
actions of

a paper season
through my window today
brush on canvas


Index Poetry (Altered) source from The Artists Handbook of Materials and Techniques 1982 Edition Revised and Updated by Ralph Mayer

NaPoWriMo—National (and International) Poetry Writing Month (April 2016). The Challenge: Write an Index Poem.


©2016 bug 1 sml 6x

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