NaPoWriMo 2016 ~ Lune: Breakfast Leaf

©2016 breakfast leaf 1 sml 6x


breakfast this morning 
in the wind a leaf

NaPoWriMo—National (and International) Poetry Writing Month begins today April 1, 2016.

This form is called a lune. It is related to the haiku form, however with a syllable count (or optionally, word count) of 5-3-5 per line.

Initially I thought I might title this. However as haiku is rarely titled (being such a short form), I opted for leaving the lune untitled as well. My chosen title, had I entitled it was Facing Mountain—which as you can see would have had a significant impact on the poem.

As a side note, the font used in the image is one I made on iFontMaker. Which is easy to use although I have not quite figured out yet how to get it into my systems to be used like any other font with my keyboard. In this case I used a work-around.

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