Entering A Memory—And Some Update News Including 30 Days of Haiga 2015

This Walk Tonight

this walk tonight
between the sound of a wolf
and my own choices


Yes I’m still here and I am creating. However I am also attempting a number of things that seem to be ongoing at an unknown pace for completion.

One of the known events is a first grandchild. Although not a surprise he is still, wow, yeah—a wow surprise and delight. Is anyone ever ready for this?

One of the unknown surprises has been a stone wall I am helping to place behind the property. The house has always tilted slightly and continues to shift. The cinder block wall that was there has always been toppling slowly down toward a water right of way. This stone wall is a massive undertaking. And to be clear I like rocks a lot. So yeah, it is fun. However it is not complete—yet. I will have another go on it tomorrow.

Stone Wall Building


One of the exciting projects for me continues to be a book on small works I’ve created—that is, postcards. From paper and paint to digital and variations of mixed media. Sunscribe has been very patient with my process and I hope to bring this book into being by the end of the year or mid 2016 for my part.


The next big event which I have been doing for 5 years now is 30 Days of Haiga (30doh). I have not been sure I can do 30doh this year and the time to commit is now or not at all—and it is hard to let go. So I will attempt it.

The plan is to pull together the prompts and at the least post those as I have done in the past with a 3 day lead.

In the past I’ve managed to post something of my own daily. This year. . . . we will see. Last year I had difficulty getting around to all those who participated to see your work. This year I suspect will be even more difficult, however I will try.

So gear up if you’d like to play in 30doh (you are not required to sign up and you can post as often or as little as works well for you). I will add more info as the days count down (I hope) to September 1, 2015.

To see prompts from previous years click in the top navigation bar on “30 DAYS OF HAIGA”.

Usually I have given prompts that are somewhat related to the season of Summer/Autumn and September (for the Norther Hemisphere). This year I may switch it up as I know there is half of the planet (the Southern Hemisphere) that will be in the opposite season or Winter/Spring and more like the Norther Hemisphere of March. As 30doh has always been a planet wide endeavor I’d like to pay tribute to those in the Southern Hemisphere who often have to think in opposite seasons when participating in events like this.

So now really gear up for a wild 30 days of prompts (which of course you are not required to use if you’d like to do your own haiga subject your own way of course). Yes, I am very informal about this. Although I am dedicated too.

Thank you all for your encouragement and patience this year.

Aloha and Haiga on. rick.

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