005-Apr-2015 NaPoWriMo Poems Day 11

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Stationary Time Travel

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NaPoWriMo 2015

Day 11: compose a poem in Sapphics. These are quatrains whose first three lines have eleven syllables, and the fourth, just five. There is also a very strict meter that alternates trochees (a two-syllable foot, with the first syllable stressed, and the second unstressed) and dactyls (a three-syllable foot, with the first syllable stressed and the remainder unstressed). The first three lines consist of two trochees, a dactyl, and two more trochees. The fourth line is a dactyl, followed by a trochee.

Day 11: (or Haiku Alternative or. of course. Visual Poetry)

Stationary Time Travel

all turnings 
of the clock.

the darkness 

still one star
at a time.

the houses.

where I walk.

and linger.

yet one step.

out of rhyme.

April is NaPoWriMo (National—which includes International—Writing Poetry Month). You can follow the prompts or write as your muse otherwise considers appropriate. The prompt posts are informative and revealing. Resources and samplings are often linked in the post. And the prompts. . . . are sure to ripple your thought process about poetry as well as widen your wow Here: NaPoWriMO.

One-Line Haiku/Haiga:

she offers tea upon a starlit night these waves of amber

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