003-Apr-2015 NaPoWriMo Poems Day 8 and Day 9

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The Meditation
of Haiku and Related Forms

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NaPoWriMo 2015

Day 8: Palinode. . . or retracting an earlier poetic statement. i.e. changing my mind. possibly in an ode form?? or not? and. backtracking. . . .


Walking Backward into the Face of Hard Words

retracing my steps. to a choice never taken. a do-over path. I wish. to never. be. on. again. with the sleep of night. a distance gathering around the edges. a shattered glass vase. I scuff out the marks. and remarks. of spoken. and unspoken words.

etched. into the petals. of memory. an exact replica. of words I retract. and double back. on. into another day. or the day before. once again. and double up. or double down. on. these words—retraction.

this whirling sound 
regathering the words 
I’ve spoken


Day 9: visual poetry

The Meditation of Haiku and Related Forms Poetry (the above image)

unsettled mind
reaching toward infinity
I sit


April is NaPoWriMo (National—which includes International—Writing Poetry Month). You can follow the prompts or write as your muse otherwise considers appropriate. The prompt posts are informative and revealing. Resources and samplings are often linked in the post. And the prompts. . . . are sure to ripple your thought process about poetry as well as widen your wow Here: NaPoWriMO.

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