NaHaiWriMo Feb. 1 to 7, 2015

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Prompts and (my) Responses:

A week of adverbs.

1- NOW – 2-1-2015

on the edge of the bed
I listen to rain

2- NOISILY – 2-2-2015

can string secure
quickly driving down the road
the wedding couple

3- NERVOUSLY – 2-3-2015

nervously the mother
between fledgling and cat
I hold my breath

4- NAKEDLY – 2-4-2015

nakedly into the pond
the reflected light of the sun
the moon

5- NONSTOP – 2-5-2015

the nonstop winter moon
between houses

6- NONCHALANTLY – 2-6-2015

in the stillness of the night
a great golden moon

great golden moon
nonchalantly I watch the cat
sit beside me

7- NEAREST – 2-7-2015

the nearest moon
still too far for me to walk
this morning

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