NaHaiWriMo and Updates 2-1-2015

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February is NaHaiWriMo.

Michael Dylan Welch began NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month)—which is world wide—five years ago. A Daily Writing Prompt is given for the month of February.

You are encouraged to write one (or more) haiku a day for the month of February (or all year long as there are also daily prompts for the entire year) and share them on Facebook.

And, if you’d like the February prompts delivered in comic form, look into the haiku-driven Old Pond Comics by Jessica Tremblay.


1- NOW – 2-1-2015

on the edge of the bed
I listen to rain

2- NOISILY – 2-2-2015

3- NERVOUSLY – 2-3-2015

4- NAKEDLY – 2-4-2015

Among ongoing and upcoming projects:

Currently I am working with Chrissi Villa on images which are expected to become visible on the Frameless Sky site sometime around or shortly after the end of February for your written submissions in haiku and tanka.

Soon I hope to be working with pace on a book of my postcards for publication through Sunscribe Publishers.

On the wish list: a desire to paint on canvas (again). Good luck on this one Rick.

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