Haiku ~ Weathergrams

Moving Forward

A little over a year ago (Nov. 2013) Jessica Tremblay posted 8 clever ways to display your haiku on her Old Pond Comics blog. I liked the weathergram idea. It took me a while to figure out how and where I could attempt some weathergrams.

Last October (2014) Jessica again posted more Weathergrams from Seabeck Haiku Gateway 2014, refreshing my weathergram interest.

Now I’ve followed up with my own weathergrams. Earlier this month (the first week of January 2015) I was able to do this on Goose Pond (near Chatham on Cape Cod).

My resources were mostly what I had on hand and carried from Hawai’i; strips I cut from a 25 year old roll of white “butcher” paper and garden twine. Today this Goose Pond area is under snow (the January blizzard of 2015). The photos are of course pre-blizzard. All counted eventually there were twelve weathergrams on this small oak tree above Goose Pond.

©2015 Ten Oak Tree Weathergrams 1 sml 6x

Ten weathergrams on a small oak tree.

This is the area where Henry David Thoreau spent time writing.

©2015 Weathergrams in a Breeze 1 sml 6x

Some days were quite breezy.

All the days were chilly—mostly just above and below freezing.

©2015 New Year Weathergram 1 sml 6x

At that time I was hoping for a little snow.

Not even a snowflake fell while I was there.

©2015 Weathergrams above the Pond 1 sml 6x

Still, every day was spectacular.


Thank you Jessica.

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