Morning Clatter ~ #007 July 2014 Haiga and Haibun for Red Wolf Poems We Wordle Prompt #23

©14 Storm Blues 3 sml 6x


Morning Chaff


summer blues. the morning mountains. so far away. in volcanic haze—vog. i swallow iceless water. the kitchen. dismantled. fans whir. heat rising with the birds. from each branch the trill. of a different song. awakening.

I push rocks aside. ping. tong. thunk. they bump. across the floor. a stone dry monsoon. at my window. blends the sawdust cough. in my lungs. with a worker’s cigarette. is a new kitchen. worth this?

Genevieve approaches. tropical storm? hurricane? the eye markings. of a peacock feather. on my weather app. chestnut bristling. with rain. disappears. reappears. I close new windows. already collecting dust. grit. across the shining white. I search. for the fluty sound. of banana leaves. clattering. in the wind. my day begins.

these mountain blues
on the other side of the storm
still summer


Altered Photograph

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Nikon D80 Digital Camera
  • Perfect Effects 8
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12


Note on the word “vog” – This is a term local to Hawai’i. It is similar to the word smog. it is a combination of the words fog and volcanic (as in volcanic haze—which can drift across the islands periodically, depending on the wind direction).

This is my response to the We Wordle Prompt #23 for July 31, 2014 on the Red Wolf Poems blog. A list of words gathered from works submitted for the prompt from the previous week:

  • Barbara: blues
Irene: birds

  • Viv: chestnut

  • Rosalyn: shining

  • Nicole: monsoon
  • Debi: fluty

  • Jules: peacock

  • Marilyn: trills

  • Jennifer: ping
Christopher: blends
Donald: rocks
Sabra: branches

  • Rick: lungs
Abby: swallow

My response is in the form of haiga and haibun. Two of the many Haiku and Related Forms in the field of poetry.

Haibun as I see it is prose or poetry (other than haiku) plus one or more haiku.
Haiga as I see it is image which includes haiku as part of the image—image and haiku as one work.


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